Never falter to daydream

"Pero nagkita na rin naman tayo ng ilang beses, ah."

That line got stuck in my head, in those few, rare moments when I wake up and remember a dream. I went to the bus and I was hearing that in my head. I scanned my ID and I was hearing that in my head. I watched Patch Adams and I was hearing that in my head. My memory's transformed it into another acoustic imprint.

Weirdly, though, I wasn't daydreaming or anything - I didn't remember the image that was associated with that line. It's not that I wasn't paying any attention - as with my other dreams, it seemed so real - but somehow my tasks led me to forget that particular detail. But I remember the story - I was trying to leave my Psychology book for a while, but I ended up bring it anyway.

I was sitting at the benches near the amphitheater, watching half-intently the miting de avance where one speaker aimed at the wrong people meant nothing much was understood. Huey was there, his speech still isn't pushing through, still forced to skip PE class, he and Ale, for two weeks on, I guess. Jason was looking for Dhi and Kevin. Kim and Lau were there as well. The image struck me, finally. And, I told myself, you didn't have to see it. I didn't really have to. My thoughts were fluttering between trying to understand what the candidates were saying and getting a physical examination, which I later did.

Two weeks. I've got to take the gamble within that time.

You know what I felt when I read Clarence's post last night? My spine was chilling. I posted what I thought was my most sensible comment yet. And then, I was reading my past seatworks in Literature 1 class - where I got a midterm grade of 4.0 - it's the one on epiphanies, and I saw mine where Miss Wright wrote an unexpected remark.

"So Dead Stars!"

Maybe that's why it fit so well. it just freaking applies.

And your responses...

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