Nine voices in the background

Kevin, Marcia and Ariane, as we found ourselves waiting for Clarence amidst objection from some. It freakishly seemed like a date.

Running late after rushing our reflection paper (with Derek), getting back to the assembly area fifteen minutes after our supposed departure to Barangay Tagumpay - and then we realize that four people haven't made it yet.

So began my first ever rendezvous with destiny - or shall we say, CWTS assessment day. Upon realizing that the four missing people are supposedly at the Jollibee branch around the corner having breakfast, we decided to just pick them up from there. Encountering a traffic light gone red, I decided to jump off the jeep and run to the branch, just to be sure.

And there they were. Kizia, debutante in a few days. Jana, who subtly reminded me of what I'm supposed to do. Ariane, eating that sundae, if I remember correctly. Three of them.

At the back of my head, I was going crazy. Where has Clarence gone?

Tuens out, after phone calls between her and Ariane, that she just woke up and is still at her dormitory. So, altruistic me decided to wait for her at the dormitory. Besides, the delay must be really small, right?

Fifteen minutes after I took the photo above, she finally came out. I was going hyperactive, and she probably is still a bit sleepy to make sense of what just happened. She walked out the gate - it felt like a scene off The Amazing Race - and I went back immediately. We're now running on a forty-five minute delay, but I wasn't freaking out much over that fact. Besides, personally, I didn't have to worry, for I already reached my twenty-one hour quota last week, and was going there only for the photos, the reflection paper, the company and the occasional surprise conversation.

The kids came, and so did their mothers, willing to tell Ate Alma (from CRC) what kind of impact we made in their academic lives - which means we were treated to testimonials saying this kid began to do better in school, this kid figured out mathematics, this kid was being taught algebra by Caresse and Kevin - in her fourth grade, at that - you could imagine a sense of half-meant enthusiasm in the air.

From left: Mary, Clarence, Ariane, and already sleeping Sudoy, in the middle of yet another testimonial.

However it all felt really good, you know, realizing that we've made a profound impact on people's lives, however small they may be. Imagine Sudoy reacting in some way when the mother of his tutee thanked him enough. Apparently he's done a lot in so short a time. The others had their share of shining moments - like Caresse and Kevin, as mentioned before - and then at around eleven in the morning we were ready to leave. (Well, some of us, since some had to stay to make up their missing hours.) There was also the occasional distraction, like that baby Marcia was tending to, or Cuyeg's photo he unceremoniously deleted (obviously against my wishes), and after lunch, unspectacular farewells and uncertainty as to what to do, we left. It was raining, not everybody was in the jeep (some went somewhere else, thanks to, err, Miss Sangil), and we were getting tired. Really tired.

All that, after I ate some candy, shook people's hands, looked at the community one last time, and realized the process was getting surprisingly - and positively - ahead of schedule.

I arrived home at around three in the afternoon, really tired, forgetting to take a catnap even if Marcia and Ariane did in the bus seats behind me.

And then, obviously, more photos.

If not for the darkness of this photo - because flash wasn't on, characteristically me - Jason, Caresse and Kevin do weird poses. Well, except Caresse.

Admittedly, this supposed to be a candid photo, but not until Melizza covered her face, and people began to show up. From left: Mary, covered-up Melizza, Caresse, Marcia and Sudoy.

Who photo is this anyway? Malia's? Kevin's? That kid's?

Switching topics, I found out that I have John for a classmate in three classes, and if Joy confirms hers, then it's going to be three of us in both Earth Sciences classes. I'm trying my best to think of connections between mansions and clans (and I'm not doing it in what I call George Torrecarion handwriting). And, I just watched a debate that isn't exactly a debate, in my opinion.

And Ale gave me words of encouragement today - technically, because we were talking at midnight, talking about the same things. I couldn't tell you about it, though, since I don't have a temporary phone yet, and I couldn't just look at my SIM card like a mutant, obviously.

But about that? Yeah, thanks.

And your responses...

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