Peaches, polar bears and airplanes

Up until three days ago I was still an active member of the blogging community. Well, I guess that's what hell week, as everybody has called it, particularly does. To be more precise, however, it was a weekend without any decent Internet connection, plus a very, very watchful Monday, where I had to accompany Jason to EditLink's offices as our documentary was being edited. I ended up arriving home at a little past ten, and I slept two hours later. So much for trying to get enough sleep - even Ale complained about waking up early, even on weekends, as much as we want to sleep and sleep and sleep.

Our biological clocks have indeed set to the worst time we could ever want it to be set.

Yesterday I found myself rushing needlessly. Literature 1 class was signified by moved reports, schedules and a tricky poem to fill up, thanks to all of the commas. After that I was off to give Ale the CD cover I did for her (four days before she actually needed it, at that), and then I ended up watching over her sleep, since Jino asked me to. So there I was, just staring at her sleep in between headaches, as I drifted between similar sleepiness and serenity. And then, when she woke up, we ended up talking - actually, it was the first time in such circumstances - and our conversation practically drifted everywhere.

Quite personally, I was glad she was open, and I was glad I was open too. Surprisingly, at that.

And then I was back at EditLink, marvelling at three-quarters of our documentary, with the introduction and conclusion I wrote at the bus the morning before, and video clips that showed people joking, interspersed with the occasional celebrity photo. While we just got the hard copies this morning, I've seen the entire thing last night and I could say it's a ridiculously nice documentary. (But obviously this is a biased view.)

Today, it was our Biology final examination, and I was out of the room twenty minutes into the start. I didn't feel like I did well, though - obviously, I somehow feel like I didn't take that class seriously, despite the multiple terms discussing parts of the heart and where those genital warts actually show up. Jaja (Regis, not Samaniego - the Tapat candidate) even borrowed my printed out slide shows (taken from the IVLE) and, minutes later, I realized one of the pages was floating a room away.

Then, the first leg of Filipino 1's docufest (the first two groups, since we're slated for Thursday) didn't push through, thanks to faulty projectors, much more faulty DVD players, and even much more faulty (had enough?) VCDs. So, there was an hour of idle time, and the last half-hour spent on pop culture discussion, since it seems nothing will really happen.

And I'm here again, at Netopia, earlier than expected because Psychology class didn't push through for another time - probably because of what happened last Thursday. And Steph couldn't have said it any better when she felt that the next time we'll actually meet is a week from now, on our last long exam slash final exam. Miss Calleja did look like she was in a bad mood, but it's surprising something that happened four days back would still haunt her, probably - and us as well.

So there, I'm hating whoever owns that mobile phone, and the other guys as well. I curse you to bits!

So there was my two days full of nothingness, probably because this blog was left with dust settling for three days, and my thoughts have begun to slip. But I was still writing, especially yesterday; only catch is, the little thought essay that Ale has read, the one I was supposed to upload yesterday if not for my busy schedule, has disappeared from the mess that is my bag.

But what if summer comes, and I don't get to update this blog?

Obviously I had people waiting, even myself.

And your responses...

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