Ranting off-topic

So there it went. Every possible rant the class had about our facilitator Ate Alma could launch was, well, launched. All the inconsideration, all the weirdly inflexible time placements, all the "unrealistic" stuff - it all went into writing. It was pretty emotional, minus the tears. Just Huey pretending to throw stuff, Jason punching his palm with his fists, and anarchic dictator comparisons.

So finally, we had the right excuses to demand a 4.0 grade.

Apparently, we've been doing everything that we can and more. I guess we couldn't explain it really well, all the stuff we had to do - the scrapbook, admittedly, doesn't do justice - and after all of this, we really feel fulfilled, but at the same time a bit scared that suddenly-compared-to-a-penguin Ate Alma submits a lower-than-expected grade which, for us (probably), is anything lower than a 4.0. Then we protest.

But this is what probably made our CWTS section stand out: our frankness and our creativity. Probably now there's a letter being prepared, to be sent to COSCA, regarding our grievances about, among a few things, non-inclusion of early arrivals and late forced-to-rush events. (This sounds too serious, I know.) Bottom line is, some felt like they were being treated as workers rather than volunteers. However, aside from that, there's still the positive thing about the entire project, like the good jeepney drivers and the very welcoming families. And then there's my usual block-has-been-very-close statement, because we had to get such a statement. And then, just to finish the video, us screaming out "ang tunay na ako" while standing on rickety chairs.

And, yes, Ariane hosting. Here's where the GMG connections come in - Clarence, Toni...

What amazed me today, aside from the surprise emotional discussion followed by another concert plug, was how the environment of Miguel's fourth floor on a Saturday afternoon has changed. Eight months ago it was me, my blockmates and strangers out of familiar faces. Now you find yourself picking out distinct faces from the crowd - you then realize you've got a lot of classmates from the once nameless faces. Suddenly the small world has become smaller, but not too squeezed.

This afternoon I entered the campus and saw Huey, and without intending it, Mary and Jana eating at the amphitheater, in the middle of another Lasallian Ambassador gig. And then Jaja, Steph and Kevin came from Barangay Tagumpay after doing some (supposedly unnecessary) make-up.

Suddenly we're busy with everything.

And no, I haven't gone sentimental again. It's just, well, it's amazing at times that you end up thinking about these things. I don't know why - maybe it's idle time or just plain getting reused to Saturday afternoons off - which is unusual, since this is our last Saturday class for a pretty long time. But we aren't off the community service hook yet - we still have Religion 3 and Religion 4 class to worry about in the next couple of years - but we promised to do our best, like what we did right now. it's us, getting rave reviews for our project, and then another off-topic thought.

That was an off-topic thought.

So what now? I'm left with nothing to say. I've practically forgotten all of the stuff I've thought about, and I'm worrying because there wasn't any transcript of the PNPRS lecture that I skipped earlier. Jason thought he told me about his birthday treat (or was it a lie?), which means I'm not at Greenbelt getting free dinner. And, I'm thinking of what else to write for the next few days. Well, probably something about the election results coming out tonight, or something else that pops up.

Whether everything I've blabbed about is any important, I don't have any idea.

And your responses...

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