Reminders everywhere I go

I guess the fatigue has indeed sunk in. At lunch today with members of the BonoSoc (specifically Malia, Jill, Kim, Cor, Ale, Lau, Sara and Cuyeg) it seems everyone just wants to fall back and fall asleep. Well, there's Sara falling literally (which is a different story altogether), and continued irritation and continued noontime show antics which, when looked at in a different way, is indeed irritating.

And again, Eena's there with another multiple-hour-without-sleep streak. But then again, she's taking her majors, and she's working on a paper on the inclinations of the French government having presidents and prime ministers in different parties. Then again, one thing going on through my head is, what could I do about it?

And again, actual fashion model Abby's there again, going tsk, tsk, tsk over domestic violence figures and, probably unconsciously, trying to implicate people like me. But indeed, it is true men are the usual suspects in cases of violence in the family. And to think I almost went feminist in my still-to-be-passed reflection paper. Ironic, somehow.

So, this all means I still haven't got something to write about. I guess I should retire from blogging?

I didn't really mean it, though. I guess I was just too exahusted, ironically, over staying up late during the weekend and being overly excited over nothing. Well, something's to be celebrated anyway - we're back into having a free Saturday. As the battlecry went during the last CWTS class, "social life, here we come!"

And here we come, indeed.

And your responses...

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