She looks up in wonder

Try to wonder for me how many things could happen within the space of around three hours.

After a pretty normal Biology lab class - which involves, however, me climbing down the turning-usual multiple flights of stairs photocopying stuff - and a pretty normal Biology lecture class, there was the usually hour-long break before Filipino 1 class. Simply said, this means a lot of things could happen, from sightings to sighting to, well, more sightings.

Forgive me for my statements, but this is what a few people could bring.

I could as well take back my earlier statement about being close to Sars - but not exactly, since we still see each other, and in fact this afternoon we were talking about the positive things about hugging, which apparently perfectly suits me - because today is another day I kept on bumping with Nadia. And, I wouldn't have noticed her if she didn't call my name out. It happened around, like, four times today, and on the last time I somehow quipped that the only thing missing is me getting her phone number. She looked up in wonder, and then it was us saying goodbye.

Weirdly, though, I didn't see Jaja anywhere.

Before that, though, it was this short conversation between me and Kizia, still about the general elections like my recent conversations with everybody else. (That reminds me of Sars almost reminding me not to mention her name after the words vote n'yo. I was conscious, though.) Then, around two hours later, I bump into her again - is time doing some undeserved catch-up? - and mentioned her birthday. I realize I still don't have anything to give. (But, if you're really aware of what's happening, then there's it.)

Well, I almost stumbled by then because Jino was on the floor, talking to suddenly-gorgeous-course-shiftee Jana.

And then, out of a lack of seats, Tini sat beside me, complained of having a headache - she couldn't seem to read the acetates Miss Calleja was putting up - and thus, she had to borrow my notes time and again. And she thinks she should get contact lenses. And then her friend thinks she looks pretty with the glasses. And then, again, I was too focussed on the language lessons - another review of what we learned in Anthropology - to care.

Not that I don't care, but...

We did particularly well in our Filipino 1 midterm report - the one involving me having to take care not to get my malong off or everyone will see me in my underwear - since Sir Ello particularly liked the video and the packaging that came along with it. (Thank me, I know.) However, the third and fifth groups one-upped us on the slide shows which, I admit, were really snazzy. But getting a 4.0 on the written report - which was my responsibility, since I had to do a gramatically perfect one, as Sir Ello claims to be "allergic" to them - was something.

Should I breathe now? We've barely begun on our documentary.

One bad thing from today though: I'm torn between Saturday's CWTS class and the adjacent PNPRS lecture, which was suddenly required watching. And my EAF's out tomorrow after lunch, which means I couldn't excuse myself from viewing yet. And I don't want to miss out on the extra half-point for perfect attendance. But my midterm grade for Philosophy 2 class is a 4.0, so maybe I should settle down for a bit - or should I?

I'm slowly creeping back into the dean's list, probably because numbers aren't there to scare me.

See? My thoughts are flying constantly. That's what seeing Kizia does.

And your responses...

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