Silent revelations

Let's start another cycle, shall we?

I'm currently finding an excuse for not studying for my Psychology long test, just because I don't feel like studying for the past hour or so. Obviously, I'm a bit tired of finding blood pressure rates and pulse rates, not to mention running around the corridors of the STRC looking really stupid. Just earlier I was with Ariane and AK in the bus, but without them knowing it. And, yes, Ariane is wearing that purple shirt, just to drive the point home.

So now, I'm at the Cybernook, trying to shake off further swimming anxiety, as well as expectation on how our Filipino 1 group would react to the concept paper I typed in (with Jason's help). I'm waiting for 11.10 to strike so that I can settle down at M316 and shiver in the cold again. And there's Marcia on one terminal, her attention grabbed by miniature characters.

Last night, I found myself playing love doctor to Tracy, but as I told her a few things I realized, for an instant, that I must've been telling these things to myself. It just applies a freaking lot. Taking my cue from everything I've been told throughout the entire term, I tried my best to make a little more sense of Tracy's dilemma. And then, I said this.

"People can say that it isn't really love, Tracy. But people react differently with distance."

My tummy turned inside out. I turned to my back, and then I shivered. Is this the answer I've been long looking for?

Charles, my classmate from Biology lab class, just came in, and I am thankful for the distraction. Looks like I'm finding myself staying a while in this computer, just to dazzle a bit, and find myself denying what has long been obvious. Or, as I told Tracy last night as well, I may be wrong.

Looks like I'll never find the right answer to this question, especially if I keep on believing what Sigmund Freud has thought up in his time.

And your responses...

di kita nakita agad, not until nung pababa ka na. hehehe. churi! tinawag kya kta. di mo lng narinig. =P

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