Sleepless nights waiting for daybreak

So I've been sitting here for half of my afternoon, looking for video clips to add for our Filipino 1 documentary. So far I've found a clip from Fil-Am stand-up Rex Navarette and, for the political angle of things, that controversial documentary on Proclamation 1017 that tagged people as "enemies of the state". At least I've found some clips (because it's hard to look for vintage movie clips), but I just realized that all of the looking I've done led to nothing.

My Zen Micro, now acting as my temporary USB drive, is not with me.

Well, at least I've seen some, and maybe all that I'll do is come back and download them again within the weekend. Despite my aims to get some rest within the two days that compose the weekend, it seems it wouldn't be really as such: I've got to work on our Literature 1 report tonight, and then there's the downloading. (It seems it wouldn't be close to a long weekend.) Just when I wanted to have some sleep, I don't get it quite as I expected.

In our penultimate swimming class today, we've attempted to perform the butterfly - and somehow I've done a little bit of progress. Me and Jan, we couldn't help but compare me to Mon, who looked like banging his head on the water, the way jetskis do. Although I'm still having problems with flexing my body - suddenly I was reminded of Sir Ronda, and rumba dance steps, and Jan dancing with Jaja (I think), and Ale and Jino, and then some other things - at least I'm somehow getting it. But I'll go for the backstroke.

Earlier in Literature 1 class it's been a riddle contest of some sort - obviously we've lost time for a play, even for a detailed discussion of poetry, so we're ending up with a finals project on the Negros sugar industry - and usual hyperactive me has been assigned as the group's (Nikki, Hector, Jonathan, Lei and Allen) runner, since I was seated closest to the teacher's seat, and yet we lost the game to the first group with twice our points. So, never mind that again.

And then, we were again test subjects for transformative learning, for Philosophy 2 class. I guess I like what's happening, for people who've got atheistic tendencies are beginning to, well, come out of the open.

All of this, with the mere fact that I was wearing a black shirt, even if I didn't intend to accidentally participate in a protest against the administration. Wednesday, and the concert was scattered (as expected) with explanations of DLSU's Gloria-please-resign stand, and then last night Marcia mentioned that she intends to wear black today (and I guess she did). I only realized I was accidentally participating when I woke up from stage 1 sleep in the bus and saw an item on a Black Friday rally.

Now then, I must go home and stop cramming, so that I could get some sleep tomorrow. I couldn't help but sympathize with Eena over endless typing until the sun rises to say "hello, how's your sleep?"

I'm not close there, though. Not yet, anyway.

And your responses...

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