Someone growing tired

My bag's ruined twice over, so I guess I'll change bags again.

Our Psychology long exam's been truncated, doubled, and everything's still confusing me.

But the video's worked out nicely. Even John, Nico and Cor showed up to watch it. (This doesn't make sense, me talking about it - it's mostly done by one-man-documentary-machine Jason.) However it feels like, again, everyone's laughing at me. Is that their intention?

They intend to use me. Whatever.

But it isn't really making me feel bad, but instead it's another thought bubble I've somehow popped. But I'm losing money, and tomorrow's the swimming finals, and I'm beginning to fear stuff again. Like it's really needed.

The security guard almost raised the possibility that I stole my own camera. I almost had Jaja and Lau go there, until he finally let me go.

I almost forgot Clarence's birthday, which is the rudest thing to do - happy birthday! - but it's because I'm busy with a lot of typing the past few days. (Yuck, as Kizia could've reacted.) But I still got there, however, although it wasn't as spectacular as, well, a week ago.

The Biology lab test went pretty quickly. I might as well brace for particularly hard tests when I take Earth Science lab. Joy's even planning to pull out.

Kizia finally uploaded those photos on her birthday from my camera: nineteen out of seventy-four.

And, like Ariane, this post has become stitched-up stories not making sense.

Lessons of the day: it's hard to make a teacher budge, it's hard to imitate life, and it's easy to get things through. Whatever that means - I'm speaking randomly.

As people could have called it, blah.

And your responses...

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