Suggesting a not-so-graceful collapse

I wasn't online for two days, and then suddenly I received nine replies on Fifth Year Holler, had to catch up with around six blogs, and had forgotten to tell everyone of a crucial email address for tomorrow's reflection papers. And, there was this tag from Katia which made it all surprising to me.

"It's odd there's nothing new posted," she said.

As for myself, it seems weird how a couple of days offline meant for everybody. Is it because, somehow, some have learned to rely on me in some way? Like Marcia, who kept on telling me (jokingly) that it's my fault to the whole class (and, to exaggerate it myself, to the entire DLSU populace) to lose my mobile phone to snatchers - but she's doing it to do some release on some people.

And then I check her blog and began to see heartfelt apologies.

If there's a weird observation, it's that things have begun to, well, take a not-so-graceful collapse. Thursday night, and I was in the middle of another drama chat session with Clarence and Ariane. Friday, I was weirdly silent, after having enrolled successfully within fifteen minutes of the openings. Saturday - which I'll elaborate on tomorrow - I was not minding all those weird circumstances thrown at me. Maybe a little risk-taking is all that it takes, but never mind that thought. Scratch it like the rest that had to suffer the same fate.

Two days without going online, and I realized things are indeed starting to change. And why call it a not-so-graceful collapse, if it actually seems to be the opposite?

I don't know. Maybe it's my pessimistic hangovers, or I had that phrase hanging by my head during the weekend.

Well, I guess people have begun to feel the actual pressure of being in the eleventh week of the third term, considering that CWTS class is ending next week, and we've got a lot of other things to talk about. I've failed to elaborate on some of them - like me going up and down different stairs five times due to miscommunication on our part for Sociology class - and maybe I'll end up losing my sanity for some different reason, unlike before. But, admittedly, I'm still gettingthose burning sensations in my chest whenever I walk, but not because I'm bothered.

Yesterday went on extraordinarily well. Could this mean I'm a little closer to getting back there?

I can finally count with my fingers, and I bet only the few who actually pay any attention understand what I'm trying to say.

Katia is correct. I'm still, after all this time, talking about the same things.

And your responses...

And I get mentioned twice? That's unfair. Like I wish the earth'd swallow me now. :( Sorry ngayon lang nagka-time magbasa ng blog mo. Busy with... getting peed on? *sigh

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