Too early to get ready for year two

But who would mind reading this if, well, we're all rushing?

People have started to go online on YM, either invisible or not. Derek just asked me to reserve my terminal for him at Netopia for him, and I obliged. Somewhere Only We Know is playing again on the radio. I somehow had Sudoy on board some of my classes. I want my English 3 and Earth Science classes now, but PE is still three-quarters of an hour away.

So that explains why I'm sitting here, willing to extend and even risk my attendance records, like I wasn't late for some classes already, if not for some errands.

Along with the rush we're badly used to since we announced, months ago, that it's a block split, comes a little dagger further buried, that this must be it, it's the end. No more contacts until the majors. What makes the next term extraordinarily significant is that it's when we apply for our majors, possibly worry about an interview, and certainly worry about surviving apparently strict, tight standards among the Department of Communication faculty. (Which includes, by the way, a film director and a Palanca awardee. Hmmm.)

Oh, and there also happens to be that further block split happeneing, but gladly we're used to it. The transition's been surprisingly smooth, amazingly. Although most of the time, personally, my classmates are new faces, in some classes it's been surprisingly usual. But this time, as Jason reminisced last year, we have to get used to being out of the dreamland.

Face it, there's no space for reminiscing now. It's, well, enrollment time in fifteen minutes' time.

Why are these guys around me still playing online games when a lot more people need the computers? Altruism suddenly comes to mind.

But if it's still significant, err, whatever.

And your responses...

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