Two hundred eighty-one posts later

How could a few megabytes worth of images, sentiments and everything else I've been involved in for the past twelve months blow a candle?

This here is my anniversary post, inspired apparently after an article from that free copy of MPH I got a few days ago after wearing a green shirt. That guy there - sorry, forgot his name - apparently said that, among others, one of the things that make blogs work is one's dedication. Well, that isn't his exact words, but it somehow comes close, don't you think? Not that I feel like quashing people's emotions - maybe the time will come that I'll end up not feeling like writing in the blog anymore - but still, the fact that I held on to the few megabytes I made is shocking. Essentially surprising.

So, back in March 2005, on that Sunday as I froze in the cold aircon temperatures, I didn't have any idea on what to write. I ended up writing only fifty-eight words in my inaugural post. Twelve months later, I write screenfuls, and people have noticed my apparent ability to write so well. Well, if you've always wanted to steer away from saying direct things like "I feel this way" or "I feel that way", you always end up writing stuff that just, well, goes round and round and round. And then, I end up admitting things.

So, in a rare fit of self-gratification, trivia about this (beloved?) blog.

This blog has been up for around four years, but was only updated, well, a year ago. The Upper Blog was named after my website project named Project Friends-upper, and this was only a temporary what's-happening-to-my-website's-construction side project - well, not until development stopped and this blog started floating around Southern California. But then, this was rediscovered and lovingly updated, so guess what could've happened.

The only person to quote directly on this blog was Ale: twice, once on her Blogger blog, and another time on her Xanga blog. (That quote - "it was simply a pair-up at a dance recital, and then it just went somewhere else" - some people thought she actually said it herself).

The first person to receive a special message on a blog entry is Jaja, the day (or days) after news of her mother's death spread across Art Appreciation class. I doubt it, though, it she's read that entry. The first, though, to receive an entire post's worth of dedications went to Clarence.

The spookiness of this post's title apparently pertains to it being based on, among all things, Ale's name. Just as I am stuck in the middle of traffic on a rainy afternoon, this happens.

The first person to post on the shoutout box was Francine. Among the block, it could either be Ira or Jackie (or have I gotten that statistic confused?). The first person to send a comment from the block was, well, Kizia - and that comment triggered a testimonial, which is still not being replied to. (Uhh, just felt like mentioning that.)

And, the blockmate who got the most mentions on this blog, for the past months, is (now) Ale, followed closely by Jason, Clarence, Ariane and Kizia.

So, after I got lost in thought, getting distracted by content I couldn't get even if I tried, after I got people admitting they visit this blog before their own (hello Clarence!), and after I got a million accolades on my apparent writing skills from Isah, Katia and Mako, among others - I now believe I've written the most senseless post I ever had to write.

So, how can a few megabytes blow a candle?

I don't know, really. Not after sleeping late in the morning and staying awake, thanks to the new election campaigns, coverage of which appears on another blog (needlessly), at http://campaigns06.shale.i.ph.

Go on, blow your candle...

And your responses...

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