"We're making history, you're part of it"

Another radio station launch. Another listener from thousands of miles away. And stuff ain't making right sense, still. The connection's skipping, and I'm freezing cold.

Another up-and-down stint. Another almost skipped slide show. Another classroom with freezing temperatures. Another day with yellow and orange shirts, but minus the campaign lines which are, from now, technically illegal. It's a nice transition, actually. I've been talking to Jaja, obviously rattled after voting opened for us CLA people with a delay, and she's more hopeful than ever.

Another "we'll take revenge" statement. Another lunch out. Another Sociology book borrowed. Another hyperactivity pang. I hugged Lau too much today, I guess. I also guess I made the wrong impression. Jokingly, of course.

"We're making history, you're part of it."

Obviously I'm loving everything that's happened today, despite my hands not carrying the cold very well.

And your responses...

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