Yellow versus orange from tomorrow

Since Marcia somehow attracted my camera's attention with Jill's lack of physical presence yesterday, this. Simply said.

So, exactly a year after posting my first blog entry - well, three hundred sixty-five days - I'm back at the same computer shop where it all started. But, obviously, not at the same computer terminal. I'm stuck here, dismayed because Nasaan si Francis? was quickly pulled out of the cinemas, and instead am listening to Chris Evans, surrounded by negative sentiment over his promotion to drivetime, and is waiting to finally make sense of our (somewhat rushed) Sociology report, me and Jackie. And, I have a question battering in my head.

Why the backward step, Multiply? Suddenly your photo uploading process is irritatingly impossible.

As Shale, and every i.ph blog, is down - the same situation is looming over the My.Lasalle servers this week - thus rendering Shale Campaigns, my blog for the general elections this year, messy still - I find myself with a lot of rushing to do. Still, two chapters of The Sky Over Dimas, plus a Filipino 1 oral exam looming on my Tuesday, and then two Sociology classes with us on the spotlight, and then on Friday, the very thing I hate to do. Online enrollment. I remember telling someone - was it Jenn? - about the reaosn why I took two days without any afternoon classes. The reason: I want to get on the good slots early. Then she opened the possibility of not getting them.

I didn't. PE class is blocking my priority enrollment slot.

As the small possibility of a hot summer creeps ever closer - it was drizzling the past few days - I find myself without, again, anything to say. I'm still keeping my anniversary post, due tomorrow, under wraps - or it might as well be my excuse for not having anything to say either. Things, obviously, have slowly crept the weird way recently, and I don't really know why. Or should I even know why? Maybe some things, no one is even supposed to know them, like why the fuss over Chris Evans' move is all about, or why I'm still procrastinating over things, or why sometimes destiny can be so cruel.

Tomorrow, Jaja's campaign begins - and I guess, since I'll end up telling you guys later that some are dismayed over our batch assembly's performance this past year, and some haven't taken the Santugon campaign officerships, instead deciding to campaign for Jaja alone, independently - and it isn't an unspoken consensus - and I am one of those tasked to tell you guys about it. So, here it goes.

Jaja Samaniego, batch representative, FAST 2005.

Aside from that, things must as well crop up, for I might be saying the wrong things all over again.

And then, more photos from yesterday, some of which are already up on Fifth Year Holler.

Before we could actually begin, Clarence and Sudoy start playing. Err, I asked them to go on before the photo had to snap out of its wits, whatever that means.

If you look closely at what Kizia is holding - and, as I zoomed in last night, it isn't any clear - the things they're eating are apparently called party animal crackers. And, Mary is in the group? Ooooh.

And, my personal favorite from the whole album:

Ariane talking, Jose shooting - and then this, just as inspiration strikes.

Proudly Lasallian. Oooooh!

And your responses...

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