Farewell to the frosh

So that's it. The end of our first year in college. For most of us it has become some sort of silent victory, one marked by an incessant uncertainty that refused to wear off despite our earnest efforts. Every turn it seems that something's against us, trying not to give us what we really want. And then we get it.

For me, I started off as a really anxious freshman. I thought I knew what to expect, and braced for it. Somehow, I was wrong - maybe ninety percent of the time - and then I come out of the campus, one last time as a frosh, with around half a hundred of poeple supporting somehow, in some way.

Think about this - a lot has changed in me during the past eleven months. Although woirldviews remain finicky at this time, it has somehow improved from a radically pessimistic one, to one that, at least, has some silver lining. Thank you's wouldn't do it now, though - again, there wouldn't be enough space.

So today's gone pretty weird, with four late teachers and a delayed My.Lasalle system. I badly wished I did have a 3.833 GPA, but that doesn't consider the other grades I have - a 4.0 in five subjects again, but a 3.0 in CWTS and Psychology, and a 2.5 in Biology lab. (Miss Calleja seemed to want to say aww, why? after giving me my grade.) And then, my feet hurt bad. I've got people in haircuts, people to hug (hello Kaymee), people to amaze with my 6cyclemind shirt (hello Clarence and Huey), and people to talk to (hello again, Clarence, we've got a lot to catch up on). And, I've got nerves still rattling.

But right now, after seeing Huey practically act as Ale's chaperone (sorry for the description, but Jino wasn't there), getting Jackie's grade from Rachel, getting an invitation for Kim's debut packaged in test tubes, talking to Caresse endlessly about the same old things, and running around in circles?

I'm tired. I want to sleep. But I don't want to get bored. I guess that's the only problem we have right now, with a short summer (as Jessica was saying) and nothing much to do (as Ale and Nico said). Go think about it for some time, and go back when it's all over.

But, then again, it's goodbye to the frosh years. No more of the cluelessness, of the title, of the hassles at blending. We seem veterans now, actually. It all seems so old now. We all seem so old now. Whatever vacation happens it wouldn't do much wonders.

But, the moment we realize it's 22 May again and we have to go to school again, it could be a little relaxing to think that we aren't the ones who have to scan the EAFs endlessly just to get inside the campus. But it's bad to laugh at other people, isn't it?


Happy birthday to Icka (yesterday) and Huey (on Saturday)... and to the others that I might not greet online. You know who you are - but I don't have my calendar with me.

And Isah's selling puppies. Who's interested?

At least she's got something to do this vacation season, before she comes back - with us.

And your responses...

"..before she comes back - with us."

That sounds so nice.=) Looking forward to the 22nd.

Anonymous Anonymous4/17/2006     

Anung dogs binebenta ni Isah? Hahaha.

So right, hindi na tayo malalabel as frosh. Hay. I remember the days. Hahah.

Anonymous Anonymous4/18/2006     

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