As of this writing, something is terribly wrong with Photobucket, which is why nothing is (currently) showing up on my layout, except probably for the background colors (which is a back-up measure - an intelligent decision for layout designers to make), as well as another photo of the large bouquets Kim's receiving lately.

Well, the past day has been, well, boring. Unlike everybody else who's complaining of having to go back to school on Monday for their final exams (hello there, Clarence) I'm here blogging, waiting for MC to arrive and get her course card for Biology lab - by the way, she got a 3.5 and I got a 2.5, because of a hunch I didn't follow on the bandaging practical. Although this actually amounts to only one unit, it still feels a bit bad. Well, admittedly I didn't take both Biology classes seriously (I remember how Cuyeg reacted when I told him that - oh, how was his AVP with Jino's mom, one that Ale told me about so that I cang vie the guy a confidence boost?), so maybe this is the karma everyone's supposed to receive at some point in their lives. It's come to haunt me quite literally.

Aside from that, I haven't been panicking much about my grades. I think I said this before - I'm practically confident that I'll be back on the dean's list this term; the only question is whether it'll be on the first honors or the second honors list (which is for those who got a GPA of 3.0 to notches shy of 3.4). But, at least it'll feel good, that I bounced back without much pretensions. Cheers for high grades!

But yesterday meant me getting a much needed rest (and a listen to songs from Steve Burns, that guy from Blue's Clues), although I still wake up at ungodly times without realizing the sun's not yet up. I guess I'm used to waking up at around five in the morning, but I should keep that up because my classes for the coming term starts at around eight - which practically means that I'll wake up at much earlier times. Gah.

And then I come back and feel that much more has happened to everybody else, simply because they live in far-flung places and have got friends for company. Shucks, ang bilis ng drag-down.

But maybe, when I come back in more than a week - on 17 April, to get my other course cards - I'll be seeing a few people here and there, maybe have a wave, try to kill idle time with attempts to surf the Internet while saving my remaining allowance - it's scattered throughout the day, so I really have to control myself - but can I do it?

The common sentiment is this: it's supposed to be summer vacation already, and yet we aren't.

I thought Clarence has sent that photo of hers for her blog layout, and yet it isn't up yet. Probably because of obligations, or a Harrison's Plaza hangover (yes, I did catch up on the blogs with much attention). And everyone's begun to send feelers on possibly everything.

But, weirdly, everything's been off my head, unless me and Clarence initiate another drama session. After finals week, that is.

I want classes to officially end. Seriously.

And your responses...

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