Our answers seldom come

After all of the fuss, apparently, I'm back at the dean's list.

And I'm back with a vengeance: a GPA of (probably) a 3.755, much higher than what I've been getting for the two terms before the last one. To think that the moment I got my Psychology course card I thought I would land at the second honors list, which I personally don't like.

But, oh well, be content with where you are now (like I'm not happy about it). Although some have fallen in rankings (noting Caresse getting a 3.05, according to her - she was calling me up in the middle of a jeepney journey), at least, somehow, a newfound sense of independence has led to, well, better performance in school. Of course, in my case, it is all untrue. I'm still somewhat distracted. Duh!

But there have been a few surprises - it seems perseverance is all that matters now. Jenn got a GPA of 3.075 - that, after we both fussed over those guys who bothered to make Psychology class hell for those who are intent on studying. Well, at least we did it somehow.

So, after all of the fuss associated with not seeing some people, like Jill in a new haircut, and regretting a few other things, like not greeting Kizia when I could have done it - obviously! - it's back to home, and back to nothing at all. Although I've taken belatedly Ale's advice during the holiday season and am currently sleeping over at my grandma's house (for five days - my sleepovers are still as rigid as my perceptions), all I could possibly do is play endless games of scrabble, get seven consonants, and lose in the process. And then, sneak out and go online. And nobody's answering my text messages. (Niko calling Clarence. Again.)

Now that things have suddenly become predictable - and uncomfortably predictable at that, despite that being my biggest complaint during the past school year - all that we're doing is stare at space and imagine.

Me? Imagine - and imagine badly.

Idle time is indeed killing me. And the electric fan's aimed at my feet. And my fingers are itching again. And I'll be here for five days, doing stuff.

Okay. So I've gone random, and I'm officially bored. Blame it on another slow connection - and another slow connection.

We can do this, right? Don't let it drag you down. It may seem unfair, but you can still do something about it. Trust me on this one. But it isn't unfair, really. Not to hurt you or anything - it's all intended. It's supposed to do something in you. It's for the long run.

Wish that reaches out somehow.

For now, I'll be waiting for Kim's debut - and, before that, the ability to actually come. I gotta go shopping for board shorts, then.

And your responses...

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