Sleeping somewhere, lying awake

"Goodie then," you said a long time ago. "Everything will eventually fall into place without you knowing it."

You remember that? It was this little gamble. It was me taking my chances. It was me wanting to finally let go, and despite the pretensions, I somehow did it.

So, weeks after everything began, I'm not bothered. I'm quite happy it's all over. Or so it seems. Everything did fall into place, and despite the few times where I somehow think things have indeed performed a silent fallout on me, it doesn't. It's always been me and my paranoia.

But things have fallen into place, and I didn't know it - until now. That, despite me not knowing why all of this happened in the first place - why I actually fell in love. What I saw. What I felt. What it all meant.

So, maybe we'll talk about this sporadically, whenever the issue comes up. At least now I can sit up and wonder a few things, maybe linger a little bit, but never bothered.

I'm not exactly over her, but I'm not bothered anymore. I'm not that crazy anymore. I've just learned to accept it.

And your responses...

goodness, niko.. ang ganda.. what i saw....anu ulit yun? hahaha.. so nice.. aaaaww..

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