Sort-of best friends

Looking back, I couldn't believe our tendency to laugh at the things we've been telling each other for ages. Think about this. Do you remember this?

"At least ikaw nababasa niya ata yung saloobin mo."

"Ata. At least sa'yo, parang manhid... di lang alam kung ano gagawin [at] paano... ako, iniiwasan na. Parang binalewala naman lahat..."

"Gusto mo ba maging kayo?"

I read that conversation again just this afternoon. I keep them, just in case I would really need to either upload them or look back and laugh at myself. And today, I'm laughing at myself, simply because the conversation at this time frame looks a bit off, a bit ridiculous.

"Di mawawala yun. Ex ka eh. Lahat ng naghihiwalay, kahit nag-aaway, umiiyak."

Maybe a couple of weeks later things swing to the positive side, at least on my case, and then this.

"Party animal trademark?"


One part's moved on, but the other doesn't seem to have.

"So ang labas niyan, selfish? Ikaw, ganoon?"

"Bakit ako magiging selfish?"

"Ewan ko lang. Walang masabi. Pero kasi, nasaktan ka kasi may iba."

Sometimes I marvel at the way things tangle themselves up. Ironically, I enjoy it, although I despair at the mere thought.

"Parang 'I wish it was me.'"

Could somebody come here and make me shut my mouth?

"'I thought it was just me?'"

"Err... no, hindi ko naisip yan."

Isn't life like watching a huge retreat? People just seem to have fun. But I personally don't like retreats because I'm always bound to say something. Thank heavens my next retreat is still two years away, and by them maybe I'm not bound to say something, unless if I know everybody in the retreat. Like a block section or something. But I guess I would've moved on by then.

"Double meaning yun ah... in which sense, literal or figurative?"

"Both. Hahahaha..."

And yet, I wonder why I even bother thinking of what we're all really supposed to say or think.

"Paano natapos? Wala nga atang natapos eh..."

Complicated emotions, I guess, do nothing but wreck each other for the first few seconds, and then later it gets into you like some nerve-wrecking whatever. I wonder why we've all become concerned about what the other party thinks, when in the end it really doesn't matter. We'll end up in either a jar, or under the ground - or, in the worst of cases, nowhere at all.

I've met my sort-of best friend. And I'm willing to see the person I thought would be my sort-of best friend.

"[Congratulations] Niko! Welcome to the Legislative Assembly Core of..."

Wait. I think that last message didn't fit in.

And your responses...

hello, i've been reading your posts, and must i say, you truly have a great way of blogging.

i'm paolo by the way. pinsan/kapatid ni mico.

incase makita mo, sabihin mo miss ko na siya. alright. bye niko.

check my photos out sometime. they might seem like amateur shots but, it would be great to have some advice.

Blogger -paolo-4/28/2006     

Yes. Di ako nakarelate. Been awhile since we're online at the same time.

Blogger Katia4/28/2006     

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