Suspended in thin air

Yesterday I was texting Clarence for around three hours when I received another text message, this time from someone I didn't know (or didn't remember, since I lost pretty much all of my phonebook entries when I lost my mobile). When I read what it said I pretty much realized the thing I was looking out for that night.

Well, yes, I was somehow surprised, because I forgot about it after reading the newspapers.

So I texted Ale, and I got what netiquette experts call as an equivalent to shouting - that is, texting back in really huge letters. She was in disbelief. Of course, I would expect that reaction from her, after I told her that DLSU was suspended from the UAAP for one season. When I finally confirmed it, then came the (expected) cuss words and the obligatory noooooooo! line.

After a six-hour marathon meeting and a lot of suspense, the UAAP board finally had their decision passed down on our varsity team. After the ineligibility scandal involving basketball players Mark Benitez and Tim Gatchalian, and a lot of heads rolling and a lot more chests burning with delayed suspense, a unanimous decision had our teams grounded for one whole season. It's because of, apparently, our violation of existing league rules when the two were fielded into games. They also noted the university's apparent inaction upon knowing of the forged documents.

I texted all that to Ale yesterday morning - she couldn't break it to Huey because it's his birthday - and then came the thoughts I couldn't have initially thought. So, for the incoming frosh, there would be none of the long lines at different areas in the campus, none of the sore throats after shouting so much at the Araneta Coliseum, none of the general UAAP hoopla at the first term, none of the opportunitity to watch the games live at the Central Plaza when we get into the finals - and no big pep rally.

And, for the people I know - and this goes to Ale as well - there would be no cheers for the BonoSoc at the Araneta Coliseum.

I guess some of my relatives began laughing at me after that - of course, I was somehow hurt, because it's my university, and emotions encompass interests and fan degrees - but I guess it's one thing we have to live with for the next eleven months.

But wait - quoting from Ale here - "isn't it noble enough for DLSU to admit it's at fault? I mean, di naman natin dineny na may ganung issue eh..."

Or maybe we've pinpointed this too much, too early, or too late. I sense bitterness in the air from the moment we step into the campus.

On the last day of my sleepover - somehow I can't wait to get home - I've done nothing much, and I'm more than willing to join the league of people who are complaining of having nothing to do for our already shortened summer vacation. (But I think I've already said that in another post.) But, in a time when I'm finally used to sleeping eight hours regularly, plus the two hours in the afternoons - although sleep isn't really cumulative - it seems that I don't want to let go. However, in my case I have stuff to do, like Clarence's layout...

...what, she hasn't sent me her stuff yet?

Delays, delays, delays. Just when I stopped getting distracted - although in our nine-hour conversation last Friday, one marked with hour-long lags between Bulacan and Cavite, stuff kept on showing up. But I guess, as I kept on saying during the last school eyar, it's all just a bleep in the system.

When will I ever touch this blog again? I'm having visitors but I don't get to see them.

And your responses...

I think I saw this on the news. Oh well.

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