What kind of phrase?

Our last Psychology class was marked with a surprise (but technically it isn't) seriousness, since nobody knows what to expect. It seems the surprise fallout between the class and Miss Calleja brought about a revolution when it comes to studying, or maybe cramming. So, we ended up having a test that wasn't entirely made up of multiple choice questions, a huge surprise especially to me. However, now I'm used to skipping questions that I'm clueless about, and in this case they were four technical questions, out of fifty items.

But the identification part still makes me cringe.

But, when I gave my paper, Miss Calleja told me something. Parts were inaudible, because it was a whisper against the murmurs of (some) people cheating, but she was saying pretty much the same things I've been told. You know, the I-know-you're-really-interested-in-this-subject kind of stuff, along with the if-you've-got-questions-freely-visit-the-department stuff. It felt nice, somehow, because I was one of those disillusioned when the last decent class discussion ended abruptly two weeks ago. Oh, and she referred me to a book, which I didn't catch as well.

So there goes the last day of formal classes. I didn't catch one half of the last documentary for Filipino 1 class - that one on witchcraft - because it actually ran past the twenty-five minute limit by eight minutes. So, no class picture taken (although the other class where John and Jan are got one), and not much time to review for that fifty-item test.

Come to think about it, I was getting sleep deprivation just as I was reading about sleep deprivation.

But it's been going lazier and lazier by the minute. Well, I think that simply applies to me because I don't have to work on anything else right now aside for my final paper in Philosophy 2 class (which reminds me, I'll lose sleep again). I know most of you aren't reading this right now but, instead, are studying (or, even worse, cramming) for whatever examination you are to take, and for that, I wish you good luck, as I sleep for regular lengths despite losing all of the sleep that I could lose...

...heck, I slept through reviewing Psychology, so no wonder everything's gone stuck in my head!

Aside from everything else, there's Ariane getting a lot of solo photos, and then there's Jana and Martin, and then there's nothing for Ale despite her request, and then there's me, losing track of what I'm supposed to say, again.

Maybe I should start working on my final paper.

And your responses...

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