Apologies, conversations and new seatmates

The first BA slash LA Core meeting was fun, although I found myself keeping quiet because I honestly didn't know what to do. I met my (should I call her this?) partner-in-crime Anna, but she had to leave early for some reason. There's the few things being cooked up, and I don't know whether I could mention this now, but it's been amazing. Last night I was busy working the bits of the emails and was giving out pretty nice suggestions, apparently.

Well, anyway, somehow I'm out to disprove things, and I'm pretty happy with how Religion 2 class has been going on, so far. The handouts have been pretty easy-to-understand, and although we can expect a quiz on Monday definitely because we're asked already to read two handouts, fresh off the MRDO.

One funny thing along the way was, the person with me asked to pick up the handouts just noticed the fountain along the SJ Walk - to be exact, this little waterfall thing. Oh, and hasn't anyone realized a walk down SJ Walk would be really dark soon, because the roof would go against us? It should have gone up, not down.

I thought I wouldn't think of this, but I love the sunshine despite the rain.

I found for myself new groupmates in Filipino 2 class, because we have to - there was this gig that Miss Ayie pulled out, where she hinted that we would get our own groupmates the way we want them - not good, I'm flying solo - until she asked for a count-out. I got four girls for groupmates - Beatrice (I missed her nickname), also known as that English 3 mountain climber; Diane; Christina; and a girl that eeries reminds me of Jill.

Only because of the name: she's Ruth, short for Ruth Angelie Cruz. Seriously. And Jill's Ru Angeli Cruz?

So we're working on something due Monday, but conditions are against me. I couldn't because I'm, well, too busy somehow, so after this I'm off to look for stuff and get stuff happening. Three, or four, things in two days? Doesn't that sound impossible?

Then, we had the second Economics homework, which somehow sent signals among us LR19 people that we're being tested for the transformative learning framework, because even next week there wouldn't seen to be any discussion. We're doing a collage some time.

Then, I'm off to home, after asking Dhi about classes, meeting Kizia twice, and thinking of blog concepts. Again, I'm serious, like when I actually asked for Kizia's permision to place a comment on her entry.

Those headaches are distorting my thinking capability, but I'm placing another comment as we speak.

Wait. I'm writing and you're reading, and I presume no one's talking?

And your responses...

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