Despite everything, the streak continues

We're changing Economics teachers (and apparently he's got a reputation, as John said). I'm getting a new ID on Friday, which means two more days of gate passes. Jason's got this blog. And it was really noisy at the amphitheater - but the program hasn't started by then yet.

Now that I've tossed everything else out of view, the main story of the past eighteen hours: Student Council obligations.

Yesterday afternoon, the LA Core meeting had us act as reinforcements for the Arts College Assembly's handbook information program, which means we answer students' questions on the changed policies, and we give away new copies of the student handbook. At the photography lab at the second floor of the Miguel building - which made me a tad scared about the equipment we are supposed to get once we take our majors, with me seeing those OCM batchmates handling SLRs - those LA Core members who showed up, along with... (what's his name agin? I should've paid attention at the listings at the bulletin board) - worked on stuff to make sure people really look at what's been posted about the changes. Also, we handle a bit of manpower at the booth today and on Friday. I took an afternoon slot - coincidentally, where my AVP Anna also is - and went off with Jino for home, talking about nothing at all, but still thinking of formats to make sure the ID policy gets seen on a mock-up ID.

I was up until midnight this morning because of that - me texting Jino, calling Maui, and chatting with Nadia about that and a few other stuff. I was online for around four hours, I think.

I got Maui to print the stuff the three of us thought of, and after seeing what she did later on, I went to the classrooms and worked on two classes, and then I spent my break working with the others setting up the bulletin board, with a mock ID, a lot of big type, and art paper that Anna got from somewhere. Before Economics class kicked off, we were done, and obviously amazed at the braids, the billboards, the readability (of course, there was a huge missing sign that I didn't make) and the mere appearance of it. And, between it all, I was joking about my lack of contributions, my apparent liking of men (triggered by Jan, partly shocking the girls, making them laugh in the end) and my idleness. Oh, and I was tearing off lots of masking tape afterwards.

After lunch, ID payments and a lot of noise - plus Toni asking me to go the other way because the CAO program closed part of what was usually the amphitheater backstage - I was with Anna at the HOP desk at the Miguel lobby, tasked at giving away student handbooks and the like. This Political Science major (if I got it right) was asking me about what we are actually supposed to do at the National Affairs committee. To be exact, though, the committee's the two of us. She left for lunch with her friend Danna (why did I get her name right, and not his?) and I was left alone.

My shift's supposed to last an hour, but I was there for two. I emptied two boxes full of handbooks, gave one to the wrong guy (A COE guy, boyfriend of Jill from Philosophy 2 class last term), and saw too many blockmates in the space of thirty minutes - Literature shifter Tracy, library sleepy-head Ian, suddenly-ravishing-but-she-has-to Kizia, and a lot others.

And Jason. Of course, he thought something was up, like Jino yesterday, when we walked to the buses half-knowing Nadia was walking to a car.

Thank heavens the stuff the ACA left over at the desk were, well, left over, and so, after I settled for a seat in the middle of pictorials, ate nothing and killed time, I picked the folder up and texted college assembly president Agnes de Castro. (Close na yata kami?) Turns out my shift replacement, Kaira Tanhueco, forgot her slot, but she arrived early enough for me to get here and blog all about it.

But of course, I almost forgot the collage, so I went out in the middle of this entry, went to the South Gate, got the collage, and went back tired.

Lesson learned: I have to go home now.

And your responses...

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