Eight meet-ups collide

Is it too late to regret decisions made? It seems everybody else but me took somebody else for Religion 2 class - and I know what Marcia has gone through, but nevertheless I stuck it out with Sir Puno. I heard that Jackie left the class, because "ayokong magka-1.5".

The past two days have been a bit of a rush, I guess. Yesterday I was talking with people - I couldn't remember who, obviously, because it has indeed been a rush - but I remember a few details, obviously. There was Miss Ayie giving a long speech (for lack of a better term) on what President Arroyo is wrong with the attempt to switch the medium of instruction back to English, and before that we weren't done with the policies (and, as Cuyeg just mentioned today, us reading the entire Acts of the Apostles within two weeks), and a surprise homework in Economics class - simply because not everybody has read stuff. So me and Jaja paired up and began to work with opportunity costs and the production-possibility frontier.

I hate graphs. I find it funny that Kim isn't using the bag I gave as a birthday gift because of the giftwrapping.

Back further to Tuesday night, and there was Clarence alerting me of Jana needing a copy of - oh, how lucky for her - The Sky Over Dimas. Funnier thing is, her classmates in her Literature 1 class were worried because there were no more copies at National Bookstore, when the fact is, it's sold at the bookstore in campus. So I got her the book just today, and I got Baba (topic jump again) my Philosophy book, and...

...yes, again, segue to Kizia texting me for my Economics book. I was surprised at how quick news of my possession of such a book - I have the eighteenth edition, and Sir Asuncion has the fifteenth, and the syllabus asks for the seventeenth - but I remember Ale mentioning when she borrowed the book Tuesday that Jana couldv'e gotten it from her before returning it to Cuyeg. Complicated, I know.

Then there were a couple of explosion at some transformer near the EGI Tower, which rendered the complex dark in the morning, and me vowing not to raise my hand whenever teachers ask for dean's listers. Before that, Ale was looking for inexpensive AAA batteries, to no avail.

Lesson: email, print - oh, she didn't have Internet access.

Imagine the way things would go now. Things pop up at the very last moment, and people would show up - I walked through SJ Walk to get to Jana, and Kizia got back the book. (Sure, I'm jumping up and down through topics right now.) Cuyeg's sleepy. I'm still hyped up. I can't get Clarence's reaction to the autograph from Ney yesterday out of my head - "Clarence, wish you were here. Ingats!" - and then she realizes Jana pretty much got more.

And I'm spending time at some computer again, listening to new discovery Nova 969 Sydney and waiting for my mobile to vibrate, for me to climb up back to Miguel and attend my first meeting as member of the Legislative Assembly core. I just realized people will report to me.

Is that why I still keep on coming across with Nadia during the past few days?

And, after all, I still go home with a headache, apostles to memorize, money to spend, and a sense that I haven't done much.

Random thoughts, as Clarence puts it. Or, simply complicated.

And your responses...

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