It's all about numbers

I guess Clarence has already run out of credit, maybe the very reason why it's been weirdly calm the past couple of days. All I had to go through from our last conversation, I guess, is confirm my attendance to Kim's debut, have my computer upgraded big time (it isn't finished yet, even), and contend with echoes rummaging through my ear as we were shopping for elusive high-capacity, high-speed hard drives.

And then I try my best to sanitize my blog for the next couple of days, until probably when I am given a reason to think of a lot of other things, because they've already happened.

I just chatted with Cuyeg earlier, realizing that it's going to be three straight birthdays. So, before I lose my capability to blog, I'll dump my greetings. Happy birthday to Jana (I think it's her eighteenth today), Cuyeg (wait, isn't he turning twenty tomorrow?) and Ariane (who's turning eighteen on Thursday as well)!

Who's next again?

May is the month of birthdays galore. I think Mary's celebrating hers on the nineteenth, and I still feel like I missed someone (except for Kim, of course, who celebrates on the fourteenth but is throwing a party a day before). Now I regret losing my mobile to ineffective Guillemots downloads.

But, then again, it seems like I couldn't really do it. Katrina Naval on an email a couple of months back:

"Anyway, you can't really blog about something else if she's on your mind."


And your responses...

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