Last-minute entourage additions

This is my shopping checklist for Saturday night.

Collared shirt, large. I think a little summer design would work here.

Board shorts. Waist line: thirty-two. Or thirty-four, I'm terribly unsure.

Slippers. Feet size: six.

Kim texted me last night, and since there's got to be eighteen slippers I somehow made it to the list. So I took the offer, began thinking of slippers, and finally got an effort to think of a gift legitimized. So, I'm not on the actual invitations but I'll be there, of course, trying my best not to be late, possibly dodge traffic to Island Cove, and make it there in style. Although my parents wouldn't let me bring my camera, simply because they say that the party photographers would do their jobs there.

But then, there's the much more interesting stuff happening at the tables themselves. And then, I'll be explaining my slipper choice on a possibly warm Saturday night. And, of course, splash photos to work with, not to mention...

Wait. Anyway, after realizing our house help has indeed run away, leaving us surprised and working extra hard, there's... nothing much happening. Just me enjoying my newly-upgraded computer that's been literally extra-hot these days. Looks like the upgrade isn't over yet.

So, that's the extra entry for you guys. I'll still look for Sars' blog (if indeed she had me on her links - or is it Shale Campaigns?), and I'll be really thinking of ways to remember the party, have pictures with people - yes, I'm obviously implying something - and impress everyone, including myself.

Board shorts. I'm not sure of the price yet.

Slippers. I'm not sure either.

Friendships. Priceless, or else things would be really chaotic.

And your responses...

"Friendships. Priceless, or else things would be really chaotic."

nice line :) hahah just bloghopping ^__^

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