The last one's short for a pretty long one

Now that I'm pretty close to going home, I guess this is going to be my last entry for a pretty long time. Within the next two weeks, its going to be, in no particular order, school enrollment, wardrobe updates and a debut to attend. (How many times have I mentioned Kim's debut in the past week?) And then, after all of that, school - finally, we're going back to normalcy. I think it's only me who's starting to die of boredom, though.

I'm suddenly feeling sad for myself, uselessly.

So what else? I've finished upgrades, I've got a little eat-out to attend to, I've given what I called the "sissiest answer I could ever give to someone", and I've made another chatboard out of Les' blog talking to Sars.

I'm preparing this early for the next school year, apparently?

Well then, I think I should download a few more patches and look for Sars' blog.

And your responses...

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