Mischievous mademoiselles

At around eleven in the evening last night, Ale sent me a text, simply asking me to send Cuyeg a message at the strike of midnight. Yes, he's two decades old - at least he isn't eight, so he's still young! - and at midnight even he isn't sure how many people sent him the same message. And the funniest part is, he didn't know what hit him, probably until now.

So that's what's been happening recently. Cue: really boring. Even I find myself sleeping in the afternoons nowadays, getting victimized by ants that prefer to much on my flesh at the bed here in my grandmother's house. Clarence's layout is almost done, save for the tagboard, the profile, and the uploading itself, which would probably happen once the term starts. And, ironically, just when I'm supposed to be catching up with the news (because, partly, of the work I'll possibly face at the Legislative Assembly), I instead get endless whining and the occasional sensationalist articles about face-down suicides.

Then again, I sleep at past midnight to tend to the computer upgrades, which is almost over (thankfully). Then, I'm waken up at six in the morning to tend to the same thing - this basically justifies my sleeping patterns of late, but it's something I don't practically enjoy, I guess. My workaholic tendencies are going nuts over wanting to work and later finding myself bored about what to do. If two weeks - the length of term breaks in DLSU - is driving me nuts, what more if that's tripled?

Well, I'll be seeing most of my blockmates at Kim's debut anyway, which is coming in less than two weeks. I've got an idea on what I'll wear, but it seems that's not the way it'll go - maybe the board shorts will stay, but not everything else. Hello, my tendencies to overthink about what to wear, consciously evident in Caresse's birthday where my mom wanted me to wear a zippered polo and I ended up looking silently stupid - and then a much bigger debut, with a dress code to boot! Don't worry though, Kim, I'm not overreacting or anything... I think.

I remember Nico's cousin slash brother (apparently) Paolo commenting on my blog, and then I wonder how he must've reacted when he saw Nico's pic up there on the splash page. It's on it's second month now, and I'm having second thoughts on uploading Jana's photo that I particularly liked, but turned out to be, admittedly, a little bit too sexist upon adaptation to the customary six hundred pixel width.

And then, probably the only way for me to kill time is to think of how I could treat my blog's layout to celebrate, say, the unveiling of Clarence's layout, or the start of the term, or Kim's debut. But, before that, obviously, I need to have the camera.

I give up! I defeinitely haven't got anything to write anymore. But I guess this is the only way for me to get a decent career with the course I'm taking, since I mention my plurals in a different way - maybe pluralth - which denies me outright a career in radio presentation. Then again, I'm reminded of tomorrow's debutante Ariane, and then I remember when my mom asked her about her age when we had her and Martin go home with us.

Oh my. She's turning eighteen, Cuyeg's just turned twenty, and I'm still an immature - make than underdeveloped - seventeen.

And your responses...

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