Not everybody can apparently relate

Within the weekend, all I probably did was rush around and get stuff done. Again. And then, when I get to school I would find out that Sir Puno wasn't coming in - much cause of celebration for some, but for me, another two days of agonizing reading. I somehow want things to be done, so that we can easily move on to the next - in this case, though, it hasn't.

But at least Filipino 2 reporting is through. Although it seems that we're to pursue the issue of English as medium of instruction, the company (or at least the false sense of it) has been worth it. Stuff still ends up happening, though - me calling Bea in the middle of the night because I forgot to attach the written report in my email, Diane calling me in the middle of a mass, and me getting all tangled up in between apostles, language barriers, and collage ideas.

Also, during the weekend, I saw my thread at the FAST 2005 Batch Assembly Yahoo! group collapse to confusion between me and Niko de Castro. Jaja's suggestion: call me Henrik instead, an idea which Sars liked. (Before he thought the two batch representatives were talking to me because I was being addresses as Niko, my nickname. He would announce, "I'm lost.") I think Jaja wanted to remember my real first name whenever we do seatworks together in Economics class, but anyway...

Oh, have I mentioned that Mo Twister - again, yes - answered my email? Such a guy. (Or maybe because everyone has to, but then again, that's another topic.) The one thing I can say: I got Andi's name spelled right. Right now I'm shivering at the fact that celebrities have visited this blog (and Fifth Year Holler, for the excerpt).

Like I really have to, but admit it. That's what celebrities do, especially if it lasts until three in the morning the next day.

Today Dhi finally realized that she's been attending the wrong Economics class for the past week. Friday morning, and Sir Asuncion called out, to our surprise, her name, and when I met her afterwards she realized something was up - and indeed, something was. She finally came in the right class today, got herself a group for the collage, and left Joy all alone in her apparently lesson-infested class.

This means that I've got her as classmate for three classes this term. So much for what she said last time somewhere. My memory, as amazing as it could be, fails me right now.

So much for comparing it to Robert Langdon's.

Now that I've reached this stage, where I couldn't find any way to close an entry I've fostered for so long, I guess it's time for goodbyes. Obviously I'm trying to shy away from all the drama I've been shying away for the past few days, but - ooops, what drama am I talking about?

Birth pangs, because I got the go-ahead, and I'm launching another one.

And your responses...

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