One last midnight to every morning

Okay. So this is weird, me addressing an entire entry to a person I've talked to only once, and that's on the phone.

I'll push through, anyway. This one's for you, Mo Twister.

I'd love to blame you for keeping me up on summer nights spent with the aircon on, the radio on, and my hands bound against flipping the tuner. Or, for making my mind go crazy over what - heavy people, guessing identities, love advice that literally digs deep. And to think I thought you're gone forever.

If my memory sevres me right, you appeared on the telly and migrated. I was around what, ten?

So it came as a surprise when you decided to settle in the just-revamped Magic schedule and make me listen to you as I study Algebra. And then it went boom - you, Mojo and Andi (if I got that right), throwing puns, throwing up, and throwing other stuff, like that sturdy sound effect.

And then you're gone, but not exactly gone.

If nobody among my regular readers understand what I'm talking about, then I must tell the story. I promised Mo Twister an entry on this blog, and I'm writing it partly to disprove that I'm gay, because Love Actually happens to be one of my favorite movies. And I got my cousin to blab about that experience with, err, you-know-who.

So by now this sounds sucky - oh, and wait, this sounds like I'm doing the opposite. Oh, and did I tell you this?

But I wouldn't get to listen to you guys fully anymore. Or maybe, there's 24 June, because we wouldn't have classes by then. My classes start at eight and I sleep at nine, and I leave home at six. And I won't get to hear Andi read the news, or Nonoy for that matter.

I knew it - what I thought would be the breakfast show for those working at the graveyard shift - it worked, because it kept me up - is moving to the more mainstream breakfast slot, one that's actually in the morning. Still, all the thanks we could go to, for keeping summers sane in between conversations with blockmates about people we like - yes, that like - err, thank you.

Oh, and I'm also half-expecting a comment or an on-air mention, but I won't hear that either.

And your responses...

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