Shrink the world

So, right at this very moment, unless I'm terribly wrong - Cuyeg's walking somewhere (or standing up), Kizia's at the GMG recruitment booth getting some sleep, and I'm wondering how the heck my ID got a crack in it.

The last thing, at least, I'm sure it's happening right now.

No wonder my ID didn't go beep when I went into the campus before Earth Sciences lab. I thought the PC was hanging up, so they let me in. Then today the same happened, and there I was, surprised at the apparently successful attempt by my campus lifeline to commit suicide. I'll be getting a new ID in two to three days, according to the nice lady at the spot near the South Gate where those with IDs either missing in action, or just plain missing, go.

And, inevitably, five hundred and sixty five bucks.

After finishing that hands-on exercise pretty quickly, and getting asked by people around me about how to pull that drop cap off, I found myself deciding to pursue the Buddhism discussion for English 3, despite the fact that it would go a bit at odds with Airra's discussion of Zen Buddhism. It doesn't help that she's coming before me, but I'd love to think it's building up the suspense. The introductions pushed through also, which means I had to suddenly think of an attention-grabber on the fly - and then, I thought of apologizing, and I remembered Ariane, and what she said about not apologizing.

I, nevertheless, apologized. That was my attention step.

After grabbing a sausage sandwich and having a little chat with Jana and Kizia at Z2 - a conversation which jumped from The Sky Over Dimas to tomorrow's hosting chores to Kizia's, well, little attempts - I was back at J302, where a waning class went through another Earth Sciences class, sparked up by a possibility of, among all things, Ice Age 2: The Meltdown. (And, of course, the fact that a quiz will be delayed.)

And then, I'm down here, again. After almost stumbling because I looked back, because I wondered if it was indeed Kizia on the GMG booth, because Cuyeg wondered the same previously, I'm whiling time while waiting for another LA Core meeting. At least the suggestions I received about my next blog (which will be launched, hopefully, sometime in the weekend) are quite good, and not the way it transformed into something else - but I couldn't blame them.

Too bad the skies felt like raining. Martin could've been on campus, passing by again.

And your responses...

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