Taking things to the extreme

So, minutes ago, I almost forgot about Ariane's birthday because I was extremely distracted about our PC being almost done and all that. I guess all I did was test new applications that were threatening to bring back the graphic designer in me. However, I'm not yet working on the new layout, simply because it's almost over, and I guess I should be enjoying myself once in a while.

And, I personally feel that I'm ought to give apologies to a lot of people recently. Katia, for example, after that full name mention. And Ariane for almost forgetting the greeting. And, maybe, Kim (well, maybe not) for again tagging using her name by mistake.

And then, to the world, because I have officially broken my I-won't-watch-PBB vow. Or maybe it's because, as me and Katia agreed on yesterday (we finally caught each other online), I find myself relating to it in some aspects. (I think I mentioned that before.)

For one point, I wished school had already started because, despite the new applications on my PC, I'm not finding new things to do. At least, when I get back on campus it's back to walking around with something to go for. (And, I would have one reason not to watch the show. Admittedly it's an impulsive drop.) Now that's something, I guess.

My thoughts are drying up. That's where distraction - to the PC, away from school - and then you want to go back to school, just to escape the harshness we could possibly encounter. But maybe that's what makes life a bit more exciting to live in. Ironies.

But fine, I'm stumped, and equally overwhelmed.

And your responses...

Hey, it wasn't supposed to be an I'm-outraged-about-that tag regarding the full name mention. So it's okay. Just freaks me out at times when it's written in full--for all the world to see.

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