That Katharine McPhee connection

But no, I'm not going for Katharine McPhee. In fact, I'm going for Taylor Hicks. It just sucks to hear that she wasn't eliminated this week even if she was pitchy in places. But most importantly, there's something spooky with her that reminds me of something else.

Well, it did rain today. It's been raining hard since last night, and I know for a fact that not everyone's happy about it. Martin's been doubting my attendance, somehow. Kim's been asking for prayers. As for me, I'm worrying about my slippers.

And I've been procrastinating slippers all day.

And it's been raining hard. There's been strong winds, and landslides, and a beach luau that will still go well, I guess, after all the preparations and stuff. And, it's long-needed catch-up slash reshock into reality.

Huey just called me up earlier, asking for directions to the venue. Funny thing is, I don't know how to go exactly. I don't have my province memorized, much more my country - but I know what to listen to in Singapore. Seems that I care for the less important stuff.

Oh, and before I leave, I just fixed up and edited the new links page, which means I removed all the inactive and barely-visited pages and placed photos. Tell me what you think - this is for beta testing only, and I could pull this out if this takes too long.

Oh, and Katia? What I was texting you last night? You know why I was staring, letting it pierce through me, even if it hurts...

...until I go all-crazy in the succeeding days, of course. Off to the debut in a few hours, then.

And your responses...

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