Three autographs

Michelle? I don't know if I should say this, but eat your heart out on this.

I just came from that big back-to-school gig at U-Break, and admittedly all we were waiting for is for 6cyclemind to perform. Imagine nine people at the Old Spaghetti House rushing to get stuff done, orders paid and, despite the rain, watch the gig.

Indeed the gig was delayed by a few minutes because it began to rain so hard. Somewhere near the amphitheater's legitimate backstage, around ten of us were waiting - and of course, there was Jana and Ale, reflective of true, unabashed groupie-ness.

In the middle of a performance (that band slips through) the folks of 6cyclemind passed by, and of course, Jana gets the attention, grabbing around four photos (I think) with the members. Especially vocalist Ney - he's got spiky hair on, and again I'm regretting not having the camera around, but still I got myself an autograph on the back of a notebook, and Clarence on a sheet of yellow pad.

So she must be surprised, because I mentioned the gig to her yesterday and she was hitting herself hard. Last night even, I asked her if she had her Panorama CD around. She didn't.

Due to a lack of time, the band got to play only around two songs. Of course, Sandalan was a staple, but when I came to the last few verses - when everything slows down and everything gets sentimental - Ney goes to Jana and gets her to sing. Oh gosh, starstruck.

Starstruck people abound the campus today. Definitely.

In the end, I got another member - I should've done my research! - to sign an autograph for Ale, and then the whole thing was over. All I'm doing now is waste remaining time at the Cybernook shift for me to get the autographs back.

Oh, and by the way, I was wearing the 6cyclemind shirt I bought a couple of months back, and Ney noticed it - and gave me the thumbs up.

Yes, I was starstruck myself.

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