Unintendedly endearing

Last night I was finally working on the new photo-powered links area, which will be up any time soon. I had twenty-five photos done, and I was resting my elbow (and pulling off delays) when I decided to work on the twenty-sixth - coincidentally, Kizia's photo - and when I finally was to save the photo, something went wrong.

"Internal error occured," the application said. It had to insult me further and repeat it twice. I finally got through importing the edited and cropped photo to my USB drive, and it was not ruined, thankfully.

So where's the endearing part? The line I was supposed to launch - only she had the capability to make my dad's laptop hang - it doesn't seem to work. And it also sounds rude.

But it's unintendedly endearing, I know. Besides, you couldn't probably guess what photo I chose.

This morning, in the middle of watching a rerun of American Idol, Katia texted me pretty much the same thing she's said on the last entry. So it was another case of misunderstood statements, and it's another lesson learned for me in thought sequencing. (I'm obviously trying my best to poke fun at my little mistakes, however useless it may seem to be.) At least it's been fixed by the same panicking I usually do when blockmates seem rude.

Like, whatever. Sorry I really had to mention this, but maybe I'm running out of things to say again.

Which reminds me, I still have to write this entry on the BonoSoc (which Nico and Ale requested at the start of last month). Somebody remind me to start work on it, please, before I lose myself all over again.

But isn't this vacation turning to be funnier than expected?

And your responses...

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