Color-coordinated without the coordination

I put on my polo shirt and thought of what Sars would wear.

Simply because, during the past two school days, we've been wearing color coordinates. For some reason, it's been us wearing some kind of matching outfits. Thursday, I mentioned that we wore Halloween colors, with her in orange and me in black. The next day, it's both of us in the same hue of blue. Then it came about, the half-baked joke that we telepathically communicate before we leave for school talking about what to wear.

When I remembered that thing in my bedroom today, I jokingly put two of my fingers in my head in an attempt to, well, "communicate" my outfit.

I met her today at one of the tables near Z2, aqnd she was wearing a predominantly blue outfit. Well, not quite - there was still a trace of white in her outfit. Mine's the utter opposite - a splash of white with blue streaks. Our agreement: almost, but not quite.

Come to think of it, though, we're somehow color-coordinated, still.

Nothing much has happened today, again. Just as expected - despite the start of a new week, it's been a bit too slow for things to actually pick up. The speeches have begun, gently reminding me that I'm not yet ready for mine, or at least I haven't picked up my outline and actually started to pretend to be in the podium at M407. In the middle of the speeches Caresse was texting me about - what else? - that problem with majors acceptance, and when it got to the point that's she giving me a little lecture in the middle of other lectures, I didn't reply. I somehow got irritated, if you ask me.

I'm surprised I even got to sleep well last night. I took a nap at around four - not exactly recommended, if you ask me - and before that I was texting Ale. Something came about, and I found myself in the middle of another one of those talks. She helped me realize afterwards that I've been helping people a lot for some reason - apparently, my not having been through things. My lack of experience, so to speak, is helping me get through with people. Then, the loss of bias. I'm flying on top of everybody looking down - but that's not the way I thought of it myself. It's my tendency to overanalyze.

After my last class, I was talking to MC. Almost the same issues, obviously the same technique I've been using without me knowing it. I then realized I rounded it off perfectly.

I couldn't remember when that was, but I certainly remember having said that my naïvete has gone in the way of me relating to other people. So it goes - I always get surprised when I get asked by people about stuff. Always, we end up making sense of each other - whoever that is - and I end up feeling good. It was only now, though, when I was told that the naïvete's been helping me all along.

So, maybe now I'm a little bit more reliable. A little bit more accessible. Maybe a little bit more human. Of course, that's the case if you don't consider me and Sars talking telepathically on color coordination.

Before I end, I'd like to upload a photo I took right out of Mon's Multiply site. Obviously, it's something from the past week, and if not for the bright lights reaching across the Miguel lobby - well, you'll figure out who's in there anyway - it would make a lot more sense, you guys not squinting that much.

Some scene at the Kapatiran booth - but my presence is not necessarily required, but nevertheless I somehow end up doing stuff, like almost ruining the displays. (Yes, really naughty me.) Lemme see... oooh, I can see Sars. And Niko. And Nadia. And me, peeking out! And I think Jaja's there too. And... I can't see, or I just don't know.

So what was it about color-coordination again?

And your responses...

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