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Jenn, does the post title seem extraordinarily familiar?

I know that last night would never happen again. I mean, I'm alone at the house, and metaphorical lessons practically point to the fact that it means we're really free only at such circumstances. (Nietszche, anybody?) I would have been happier if not for the fact that only around five people were online last night - and I was online until midnight, mind you. What Jenn and I did last night - what basically amounts to collaborative designing complete with a lot of cramming - was pretty funny, for once. Circumstance was fighting against me, and just when I decided to give it all up, it hanged up on me..

Don't get anything? Don't worry. You're not supposed to.

I finally started church service today - a requirement for Religion 2 class - and the first things I had to do was rearrange the chairs, turn off a few electric fans, and observe (thanks to idle time) two adults get conditional baptisms. Maybe most of my initial two-hour stint was spent talking to the catechists about what they do and how things work. Oh, and I think I might see Evita next week, for the same reasons. I do know she's been assigned as the collector at the parish.

I'm still stuck at the wayward, though. I've basically crammed everything I'm supposed to do for tomorrow, but I might as well find myself blogging again, just to keep up with the streak. And Tuesday's possibly a long day, and I might find myself meeting my - I'm still stuck about using the term colleagues - from the LA Core at the photography workshop. That could be a more poignant reminder of where I could - or possibly not go to, thanks to what I'd love to think as a whim.

That's certainly the reason why the coming week is going to be gripped with a lot of tension that needs release. Now everybody wants in - or, at elast, those who think they deserve to get in.

So much for me fiddling with Dhi's DSLR camera - don't worry, it's just an SLR camera made digital, or to make things more complicated, a digital single-lens reflex camera - last Wednesday. Just when I got the hang of that, and modelling for the OCM majors, especially to someone I didn't really particularly know.

But wouldn't it be rude if I ask for their names again?

But maybe that's how, err, widespread the influence of this blog has been?

Sundays, and I'm stuck with reality, and possibly the surprises of, say, how Jason's been stirring interest in his blog again, or what Jenn unexpectedly told me last night - don't worry, I won't quote you - or what I should be doing right now. I've done enough cramming, but people are having a vacation, and groupthink principles stipulates that I do so, and thus lose some much-needed perspective.

At least I got rid of another task last night, even if I didn't actually receive the blessing - only an inference from Clarence.

Now, that's my last clue.

And your responses...

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