If I had everything my way, I would have opened this entry with something similar to everyone, hello from Clark! but obviously it isn't. Yes, I was on vacation for the past weekend, and when I got back home I realized the depth of my isolation from the world when I received twenty-one messages in my inbox, all talking about the same thing - and the funnier part is, it doesn't nudge me much.

Amazingly, lightning were lining the horizon as we went home. It was like, every strike went somewhere. Someone said it before - lightning doesn't strike the same spot twice - and I thought as we went closer to home, lightning will get to us at sometime. And it did get close, because it was a flash rather than a bolt, and then thunder came quickly.

Last night, I was texting Ale, and our topics again jumped from television shows to aesthetics (you know that, right?) to, obviously, departures. I could go on and say the usual "I'm surprised because I ended up giving out inspiration" line - and I just did. It doesn't feel awkward anymore. Thankfully I'm used to the feeling that you're doing something positive for somebody, to the point that I don't end up thinking about what I should say. That tendency - the great mind tendency, trying hard to impress - it just didn't strike.

That moment suddenly felt so truthful.

Suddenly, my latest buzzword has been honestly, because Ale launched that to me when we were talking about my not liking out-of-town vacations because I end up sleeping endlessly rather than enjoying it. (Yes, another kilometric sentence.) You know how much impact it makes? It conveys sincerity. But when was the last time I was actually sincere?

I was sleepy as the Pinoy Big Brother finale blasted on, and I bid her goodbye, to watch and wait for victories which never came.

In between Nico - wait, Kira - was texting me nonsense, as he did with everybody else with similar mobile services. All I remember is that it had something to do with chicharon. The next day - the moment lightning was on the horizon - we were talking about the NBA Finals, and I found myself partly mistaken. Hours later, something I didn't get - then, later, quickly deleted.

Isolation wasn't much of a problem, though. Although I still have to get used to waking up with somebody else again - school's begun for most of us, finally - today's been something different, for some reason. It's not the quiz, nor the new Economics class where Malia got a grunt of the questions because ehr name's there, nor me making new friends at the Batch Assembly - Meg, that girl who slipped her ring at the wrong place - it's something different.

Recently I found myself losing the capability to explain things very well. All my online conversations - they've gone nowhere.

Somebody's leaving us again. As much as I wish everything would be temporary, it seems, nothing's stopping them.

Coincidentally, though - or as nature's law reflects - things leave, but other things come and take its place.

And your responses...

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