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Who knows? Maybe the only thing I actually did today, aside from the normal school work, plus forgetting a Religion 2 free cut, is stay at the Miguel lobby watching over sign-up sheets, warning signs, and other people's stuff.

Our first project, Get ORGanized, kicked off today, and so far we've only had around ten respondents to the clubs we're supporting. And, probably more importantly, no ideas for new organizations. Most of the day - obviously most of my free time - was spent fixing up the booth, with my traffic sign going in some particularly unnoticable area, thanks to a lack of traffic cones. There was a lot of glue - it even spilled naughtily, if you think of it that way - and there was a lot more of yellow art paper.

One funny thing, though, was what we had to settle with for setting up those not-quite-elaborately made borders that basically made the under construction theme make sense. We had to settle for push pins because of a lack of thumb tacks, so Yas bought a pack, attempted to push them on hard wood to no avail, and began to make use of her "PhD in carpentry" - got a scissor and began hitting the pins like they were nails.

Then we settled for masking tape, which is a publicity man's best friend.

Today, me and Sars didn't match outfits again - which didn't make sense because I brought a camera. (We took a picture together, nevertheless. Thanks, Les!) The colors, though, were a bit similar - I was in red, because my mom pulled out the shirt, and she was in brown. I don't have any brown top anyway, so it was pretty inevitable.

Funnier, though, Jason and Sars matched outfits again. As usual, it was a black shirt with brown accents (like before when he had purple accents), and if you come to think of it, the fact that he wants pictures of him today - weird since previously this school year he didn't - and he didn't get much of them. Malia did. Besides, not everybody was showing up. And, as Ale pointed out last night (before I slept on her again), most of my entries have begun talking about my Batch Assembly adventures, if not schoolwork.

I've been losing sleep during the weekend, really. My supposed Saturday ended on early Sunday morning, thanks to me fixing up a presentation and changing Katia's thumbnail. Five hours later, I'm off to church service (which is thankfully going well) and worked the office for two hours. Then I tried my best to sleep early, excited over meeting people, disproving my apparent bitterness and do stuff for my classes, and then I realize I didn't really have to worry, because of that free cut.

Still, meeting people is all worth it. Maybe carrying people while in a tight hug makes it all worth while? (Yeah, that didn't make sense, but it did happen.)

I'll admit I was slightly bothered the past few days. I don't know, really. When I fell asleep on Ale, beat after hours in front of the PC making sense of things, we were talking about how I've begun to apparently sound bitter - unintendedly bitter. I'm actually concerned more about how I sound rather than what I feel, because I know what's going on, at least on my side. It's a few huge factors - they were right, the adage that sophomore years mean a lot of turning points, and I entered it unprepared.

Maybe I shouldn't get surprised why I still get excited once in a while.

And your responses...


Ewan ko lang kung dito ko ba dapat nilagay 'to pero I think yung entries mo before mas okay. Well, sa aking opinyon lamang yun. Ewan ko. Your latest entries doesn't seem like you. Yung entries mo na deep, nakaka-miss. Yung mga tipong puro kadramahan. Ewan. Ako lang naman yun. Hahaha. Feedback lamang from me. Di ko alam kung makakatulong or what. Hahaha. Masyado lang akopng maraming opinyon sa mundo. Hala! Ano daw?

So, yun lang. See you around!

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