Don't answer the phone

"About the tag? You'll figure it out sometime."

"Haha. Thanks."

"I dunno. Just felt like it? Is it that hard to let go?"


"Hmmm. Remember what I texted you months back?"

"Aling text?"

"Yung nung April..."

"I don't remember eh. Aling text yun?"

"When I asked you that weird question about liking you and all that. Haha."


"I think that doesn't apply to me anymore. Haha."

"Ahh. I see, I see."

If ever peace of mind was that easy to achieve, but even after that I'm not sure whether everything actually made sense.

"I guess you wouldn't get it?"

I figure nobody will, because I guess I'm a bit more certain it's over.

And your responses...

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