Don't turn down your sparks of inspiration

But is it really supposed to be a positive thing, me finally not minding about what others think?

After I posted my last entry yesterday, I paid my bill, went to the bus, and paid my fare. the girl seated beside me left the bus, and then I realized that my wallet was missing. But of course - she stole it, most definitely! I left the bus, disregarding the payment - DLSU was still in sight - and I huddled in my bag, went back to Netopia, and realized that I left it there. Thank heavens they had it.

So, I guess the collage is bringing me a bit of bad omen because I was trying my best not to forget it.

I texted Ale again on the bus home. Why am I becoming so absentminded? I asked. I didn't remember the things we've talked about, though, but that bit in the introduction - isn't it supposed to be a good thing? - stood out.

Oh, and that thing I said before. I felt like that because I felt nobody's pushing me anymore.

So somehow, during the past two weeks, I've been feeling too carefree to the point that I've been wondering what the heck I am supposed to do. It's been weird, really - I've said this before, yes - and now I don't know what I should be doing again.

Nothing much happened today - just me staying at the Kapatiran booth again, talking to people from the BA, cramming while reviewing, making sense of the cold - pretty much everything I'm used to doing on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There was confusion at our Computer rooms, but not after Ale's teacher, Sir Narvaez, had his entire class moved to G404 for the week. I was obviously frantic because I feared two classes colliding.

Of course, there was the occasional uncertainty about continuing streaks, or writing illegibly. I was stuck nowhere - or I was everywhere.

What am I supposed to do anyway?

Kids, a lesson to all of you. However patchy this may seem, however baseless they may be, don't ever turn down your sparks of inspiration. For a few, those sparks may mean everything.

Connecting to mine again, I still don't get it, or this thing, for that matter.

And your responses...

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