Fifty bucks on the floor

I knew Eena would be up to something as those school organizations paraded around the campus. I don't remember what exactly it was for last term, but she came out in a gown, much like the Santacruzans we've been so used to see every May. This time, I was somehow alert enough to look out for her, and indeed, there she was, giving away postcards from EuropeAid. And she was a mime - dressed up like one, acted like one.

I wondered, really. Isn't it hard to keep quiet?

Kim's been asking me such questions for the past few weeks - few and far between, as it's become one curiosity. Whenever she asks me if I could ever last one hour without talking - even shorter, I guess - I simply answer that I couldn't, and then I proceed to try just that. I still blurt out a few things, though. But of course, it's hard.

But maybe I've long been doing my share of keeping quiet, although as selectively as I could get.

Today's one of those days that just drag on endlessly. I find myself being quiet - in between drowsiness and a complete shock of interest - throughout classes. We've had no quiz in Religion 2 class yet, despite an increased anticipation thanks to a free cut last Monday. We've shuffled groups in Filipino 2 class, and I ended up settling with simple-looking seatmate Joyce and her group because I was surprised myself. So much for a Yahoo! group for my other group in the same class, since we all thought it would stay the same forever.

I had to open my eyes, though - today my group somehow got a grilling in Economics class. Now, I'm used to being asked every single meeting, thanks to my inquiring mind and my name being quite easy to remember. Today, though, without any announcement (or even the slightest hint, for that matter) our group began to discuss how economies sustain growth, and Sir Raymundo began fiddling through our group list to pick out other names. My obsessive-compulsive tendencies meant Kim came next, because I wrote our last names in alphabetical order, and Sara came next. We got through, thankfully, with the surprise that all the numbers we take for granted in the newspaper's business section meant a lot if taken together.

Yesterday was Cor's birthday, with Nico even dropping by in the middle of my long lunch break. Today, though, was the day the big birthday card got given away, but the big lunch out was partly disrupted by the GMG general assembly and Kapatiran duties. And, I wasn't there because everybody dissapeared before I could get there - I followed Lau thinking she would go, but she's with Sars, who's on red stripes, exactly the thing I wore last Monday - and Sara wasn't replying to my text message. I ended up settling at the Yuchengco lobby, with Mary eating a slice of Kizia-bought buko pie and Jana finally finishing The Sky Over Dimas without getting it much.

Everybody's left, and I instead ate lunch with Sudoy and Kevin at Z2, further drilling through an unexpected budgeting attempt.

Yeah, yeah. My life's been boring lately. I've manned the booth with Mon as Nadia was busy fixing up her report, and I actually began walking around, regretting wearing a black shirt since I was sweating the way dogs can't. (Of course, they really can't sweat.) So far I'm willing to go home and catch up on some sleep but I feel like coming back to the Get ORGanized booth taking more photos, and probably wait for Ale to get her MP3 player back. Sometimes I even want to think if every little thing's been worth it. The camera's been my best friend, and right now it seems that's all I'm going to do. Before U-Break officialls began we were there taking photos, trying to figure out how to fit everybody through the self-timer feature, and later realizing that Mary never got in despite her efforts. I have a handful, but probably none I could be proud of myself.

The sun's shining longest today, but it's actually getting darker.

But what could I do? I'm just pretending to be a photographer.

And your responses...

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