In a tediously stress-free fashion

Apparently Ebe Dancel was performing with a lot of caffeine on, apparently what he regularly does in every gig he gets himself into. This also means I got autographs from the entire band, with their sweat literally dripping on another one of my notebooks. Surprisingly, though, Jana wasn't there, and to be honest with you I was looking out for her. I even texted her in the middle of the gig, but she hasn't replied yet. To think that she was the one who somehow announced it to the more unaware crowd from within the block - but never mind. I wouldn't even possibly know if she was actually there. One thing I know: there wasn't any slot for her to shine since the amphitheater was packed.

Nothing much really happened today, save for another quiz and an activity where we had to look out for translation mistakes in some subtitled version of Smallville. I thankfully got through that Economics presentation, while bringing home a few questions that Sir Raymundo practically gave away - but not after realizing in the middle of my bus ride that I forgot to bring my collage. How I got my collage is a long, complicated story.

At least, now that I'm over, I could just forget about it next time.

As much as I am happy with things, though, there hasn't been any trace of insight within the past few days, save for that no one's been watching my back thing. So far the entire week's been slowing down to the point that it's been, well, boring. Consider that break between Filipino 2 and Economics class - yes, it's a dry patch with the urge not to spend anything, or at least not to bore yourself to the point that you couldn't pay attention to anything. (Also consider the stories that Sir Raymundo gives out good lectures and mean tests.) And now I don't even know why I'm writing this.

That's how boring things get.

So, after exploring the seats at the Sports Complex, where Sara forgot what the BonoSoc term "tairs" mean, I'm stuck her again, blogging, with Jino seated beside me. Before that, I fell asleep while waiting for Clarence to reply - but she didn't, as well. And later, I'll be staring at the same seventeen-inch monitor again, waiting for groupmates to arrive.

And then Jino's phone rings - seriously - to tell him that he's got a text message.

I'm not trying, though, to make more sensible posts that those two blogs Jason mentioned last night. This is sensible enough for me - although it's at the lower end - and, at least, I'm still on top of Huey's list.

This one, though, might ruin the streak. Bad omens still abound despite the refutations, it seems.

And your responses...

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