Independence is sweet

Jana surprised me with a text message as I was in the middle of reading the Bible. (Oh, did I mention I have to? I think I already did.) Apparently Ney from 6cyclemind remembered her, from way back, and now she's got his phone number after she went by one of their gigs.

Lucky girl. Now I couldn't deny her irresistible charms, as I put it.

I could've thrown in the word appeal but I thought it would be really rude.

But come to think of it, some people are, well, just good at bringing throughout themselves. Steph is one. Look closely and I would get a suplada impression, but don't scrutinize that much and you've got Steph, beauty pageant candidate. (Or, as she put it, "beauty queens in distress".) Well, I suppose there's nothing much to it - although it seems to only apply to women, men could probably pick up a few principles and not be as clumsy as they usually are - but it seems hard at one look, and effortless the next.

I had a chat with Kizia last night, right after I posted yesterday's entry - complete with a realization that they haven't changed Economics teachers. Actually, I met Sir Asuncion again last Thursday, and he was asking me about how our class has been going since the unexpected transfer of duties. Oh, but maybe you guys already know Sir Raymundo's been throwing us questions which initially seem complicated but later would seem as simple as common sense? At least we've been having discussions, something which I actually looked forward to in that class, especially when Sir Asuncion, in our first class, said everything would be "bite-sized".

"Tapos bigla siyang magle-lecture," she said. "And he expects us to know all the answers already."

Just when we were getting used to his test-driving the transformative learning mechanism - which, simply put, means we do all the looking and the teacher facilitates rather than spoon-feeds - we switch, and then nobody's used again. Then I remember Huey saying there was what, a lack of student consultation?

Coming from the tail-end of a three-day weekend, with people still shivering at what else could happen within the week, I've been trying my best to get reused to waking up early. Today, getting to listen to Mo Twister's show in full was enough motivation to wake up early, although I woke myself up forty-five minutes later than the usual wake-up call. (And tomorrow, all three of us have to wake up early, which means more bathroom competition.) I even texted Jessica about it - both of us have been talking about the morning move a few times already, and then I later realize we're agreeing on shallow stuff - but she hasn't replied yet. I could go on and suspect she's fast asleep, still.

Which is one thing that holidays do, but 24 June falls on a weekend. This could be the last one.

Oh, I just remembered that not everybody wants to talk about it.

But, again - switching topics - why am I blogging when it's still early in the day? Basically I could still do lots, maybe chat with a few people, stalk a few people, search for a few terms, ego-surf - heck, I could do lots, if only I didn't learn how to cram.

This is what happens when you realize you're free of everything you're used to have.

My two minutes are up - it's become an inside joke between me and Jenn - and I can happily say that everything's gone back to its right place.

Well, not entirely. Of course, we need a little chaos sometimes.

And your responses...

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