It apparently should be

I didn't have to read the entire email, for I knew where it was going - and I'm suddenly reacquainted to how it feels to actually hurt someone. So, if you're going out of your way, don't try to do stuff without anybody else - I seemingly wrecked everybody's efforts, especially Diane's, on that position paper.

So, right, I basically flipped what she did and rewrote it. So much for being somebody for someone.

I'm not letting myself get dragged down by it, though. So far I'm much more worried about not getting into the majors, and I particularly liked what Jackie said. If that proved something, it's that nobody's smug about their positions. Everyone's worried, even those who are in.

Or maybe I'm underestimating the power of human compassion and concern.

When did I ever have that power?

Am I even human? (This is going nowhere, I know. I'm typing as randomly as I could.)

Sorry, but the long weekend's got me thinking about my future. Of course, if a one year delay isn't enough to hurt you, what more about what's happening in the present?

Okay. So I was affected. And as much as I'd love to text Diane and actually say sorry, my natural tendencies come up, again. You know, that we wouldn't get back to where we were feeling that's practically eaten up my previous terms in school, thanks to misinterpretations.

For now, let's all take the back seat, shall we? Enjoy the ride.

And your responses...

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