Jetstream lovers

I just waited for these to arrive, and we're done.

Huey and Nico, before we arrived. Now, who's the real female?

My apologies for not updating for three days straight. There just wasn't anything happening during those days, even if you consider, say, conversations on vernacular translations (hello Kizia) to conferences on a certain band dedicated to Indian music called Turbandub (hello Huey and Jason). I didn't even have a camera yesterday, even if Nico ceremoniously announced in one of those conferences that he's dropping by the campus. Ale actually requested that I bring a camera, only I couldn't bring it because my parents still had it.

Then, the craziest photos I ever got myself involved in.

We were at The Venue - you know, that status symbol-like area where people drop by for lunch, beer and pool - the BonoSoc, minus Jackie and Jino, and then there I was - and when everybody from Economics class, plus Jill, arrived, some were already there. Nico, Huey and Jason were already sharing a few beers (and apparently already took some of those extremely suggestive photos with Ale and Piyar - ooops, did I spell it right?), and then we, according to Ale, seemed like frosh because we tried to squeeze ourselves into a sofa set, all thirteen of us at the end.

From left: me, Cuyeg, Jill and Malia. Don't ever expect us to look snazzy or anything.

Simply said, it was lunch, chat, camwhorage and more chat, and for the few who dared, beers. Nico was offering me one and I was steady about not doing so. (Of course, why would I?) I was acting crazy, probably - probably adjusting well to the point that Jason thought I was becoming "normal" (in his definitions, at least, not mine) finally, which isn't exactly a compliment - but then again, what could I do in the presence of friends, cameras, and me apparently being Jino's substitute, as one put it?

Now, don't tell me you don't know about what I apparently ''feel'' for Lau, so when I got in, of course, hyperactivity runs wild. Only the other pair - Nico and Cor - is legitimate. Oh, and Lau didn't take it seriously?

Of course, there was the crazy stuff.

If only Ale took this photo from a different angle, then things would've made much more sense.

And then there was the crazy stuff that not everybody bought.

Yes, I look stupid, but a lot were not buying lunch and were relying on the dole-outs. From left: Jason, me, Cuyeg, Malia and...

But of course, the photos were getting blurry. I was relating, though - I could go on and wait for Malia's photos - and then, I was the photographer again. (I wonder why I don't appear in my camera as much as I appear in their's, just like what Malia actually averted when Jason was invading her camera.)

Obviously, it's the BonoSoc with me behind the camera and the guys doing, well, crazy stuff.

Even Nico was disappearing in patches. I mean, he invited everyone here and yet he was out most of the time. (Of course, quality time with Cor before he leaves. Or should I be mentioning this?) But it was crazy, and fun, and when we were to leave because U-Break had already finished, we were not exactly close to crying, but I'll admit some were getting emo, even me. Of course, Nico's presence would be sorely missed once he finally leaves.

Oh, and more photos.

This was the freaky picture we were all laughing at. How this happened to Jaja - and how the flash came to be - I still don't know.

Kim was sleepy and found the need to take a nap in one of the sofas. Then she woke up and Huey had both of them pretend. This was everything, in the middle of reviewing food additives for some quiz. I got through it last term - they got through it easily.

Cuyeg eats. We're hungry. Clockwise from bottom left: Jill, Sara, me, Cuyeg, Malia and (again partly hidden) Ale.

And, of course, sometimes, I have to be terribly involved. So Jason was thinking, well, nasty stuff? I had to pursue.

Go figure. Seriously.

The rest of the day? Me and Ariane to enlarge our posters that we submitted today (or, what she has to submit later). Me spending some time at the PAWS booth, and later struggling with unknotting knots with Carla, until we had to smuggle in a nailcutter. Me walking to the Student Council office with stuffed toys around me, and a teddy bear in my head.

And, before that, Nico provoking my thoughts, probably for one last time, when I got back from reprinting, sat beside him, got unneeded encouragement, and ran to the booth.

Well, he's leaving, but he's still doing it.

And, indeed, I ran away.

Besides, she still asked me the question. I guess it makes up for what he wanted me to do?

Oh, wait. This is Nico's entry.

Photos courtesy of Ale Tejada

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