Literally drained

I don't know. I feel tired? I woke up today and, for the first time in weeks, welcomed back the feeling of wanting to sleep further. That, to think that I slept earlier than I could expect. Last night, I was talking to classmates, groupmates and blockmates. Today, I just want to go home and sleep.

Or, maybe I could link you to more important things at hand. Click here for my entry (on Shale) about an impending implosion that could mean plot twists forever.

And then, there was me giving up the apostles, finally, because we had our fourth Religion 2 quiz, and then we watched a couple of translations - Lovers in Paris, thanks to seatmate Joyce - and then, this.

If I really need to be spanked happy, then now is the time. It's either I just want to sleep, just want to be reassured, just want to give up the survey forms - heck, something.

Sorry, but I tried to write a similarly inspiring post, but I couldn't seem to get into the mood.

And your responses...

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