Oh dear, golly dear

Now that the page has loaded and I'm allowed to type in my entry, I found myself wondering about what I'm to write about. I've got pictures and I could probably upload them tomorrow, unless somebody from the ACA forgets the schedule and leaves me alone, again, for two hours at the booth. I've got stories that may not be worth telling. Most importantly, I've got an ego that's not ought to be peeping out of the window.

Last night, Ale texted me pointing out that there are a lot of typographical errors on the new handbook - a surprise observation, because I didn't expect it from her. I haven't picked up my copy yet and read it cover to cover - but I've never done that to the previous handbook. Then started a conversation that I, quite literally, didn't expect to happen, simply because the term just started two weeks ago, and already we're deep into requirements.

But she had another surprise for me. I personally thought she had the tendency to cram a bit - but this one said it all.

"Tinapos ko na [eh]. Clap for me! Masipag na ako!"

Send forth the cheering squads - I did mention the cheering squads, because we ended up talking about cheering squads. We're still out of the UAAP, and everything varsity-related is grounded, from the athletes (I haven't mentioned that Japoy Lizardo's my English 3 classmate yet?) to the cheerleaders to that controversial contract that's been deleted from my memory. Anyway, I was getting asleep by then, and before I realized it we both fell asleep on each other. The conversation resumes the next day, and it was still all the same.

After two classes - one cancelled, the other with a game where me, Toni, Airra and coincidential seatmate Johanna made something out of the word great - it was off to a two-hour break, made less tedious by Cuyeg's iPod nano chilling me out. In between, I was trying to snatch a few more pictures - candid ones, of course - and, after (inevitably) watching Ice Age 2, and surprisingly finishing it before 14.00, I'm off waiting, again. We at the LA Core have got another meeting to attend to, but I also have to pass by the BA meeting to do something else.

Weirdly, that's the actual purpose of the cameras.

Nothing ground-shattering just yet - maybe there's me getting amazed at all the pictures I've been getting, because some just look really good - but maybe it's because, as I told Ale earlier last night, I have somehow gotten rid of all of my drama. There's a disclaimer, though: "for now, at least."

Well then, since I might as well leave in a few minutes, I'll leave everything at that. I'll be off in a few to the meeting, and to take a photo of Ale and Jana together - something unspoken but obviously understood - just because I felt like it. I suddenly remember Ale joking at me earlier, when she suddenly went silent after I mentioned the prospect, then telling me she needs time to breathe.

So maybe that's why I felt a bit bad when she told me last term, at the Yuchengco lobby, that we aren't together in a few classes. Then I realize I wasn't joking when I told her yesterday, that I felt that I missed her.

Maybe I actually did, and surprisingly all the lack of drama made me numb.

And your responses...

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