Replacing the replacement

I can only imagine Ale's reaction when she sees the new splash photo. Or Jill's, for that matter. I couldn't imagine anybody being supersized like this, especially on a blog that's suddenly famous because, partly, people I know have begun seeing the INQ7.net feature. Yesterday MC mentioned it to me, and now Jason has mentioned it.

After getting through the first of possibly many quizzes in Religion 2 - I'll skip Filipino 2 - it's Economics class, and I couldn't find any better quote to use than Jaja's words during the election campaign: "it's work."

Our new teacher, Sir Raymundo - another doctor, yes - has got something really different for us. Everything's literally getting an overhaul, including the grading system and the requirements themselves. Aside from the collage, everything else gets ditched. He's to finally (seriously) give a lecture, not fiddle with a laptop as Malia pointed out with Sir Asuncion. And the (suddenly comprehensive, I presume) final exam is forty percent of our grade.

Then comes the clincher - according to Sir Raymundo, we were one of Sir Asuncion's first classes. (I do know that another Economics class he handles has got Kizia in it. I know that because my English 3 class comes afterwards. I wonder if he left that too? If not then they're extremely lucky.) I also have to pinpoint that he's the third teacher we've had in this class - whoever supposedly was there, Sir Castell, was replaced, and the replacement got replaced as well.

Dismissed early, with presentations moved and lessons pending - possibly the first time it's been delayed for a long two weeks, to everybody's surprise, and later happiness - I found myself slightly bewildered. Why things have to freak me out so quickly, I still don't know. Our new teacher comes across as a tall guy who's a big veteran. Spook me out, now.

And I just realized now that - who was he again? JV Casio? - is our classmate in that class. He in fact had an index card in Sir Asuncion's files, now with Sir Raymundo (unlike Dhi), and got asked about what happens to the athletes now that we're (still) suspended at the UAAP. They might stay active, apparently, but they haven't been told anything yet.

So there went the pep squad.

Finally, since it's pretty compulsory, three photos (on portrait format, mind you) from yesterday:

I don't know how I got this photo - Clarence just passed by as I sat with Dhi and Mary, and she was walking, and some flash of impulse made her clearer than her background. Snazzy, eh?

For some reason, Sudoy scrubbing his hands on his shirt, attempting to get something off, is cute by Ariane's standards.

Jill's attempts at further Fifth Year Holler domination have been slightly defeated by Malia - she came, and i was supposed to accommodate her, but there just wasn't enough space.

I suddenly remembered what Jason was trying to tell me last night online. He was more than willing to speculate, but I was turning them all down.

Unfortunately for him, his speculations were all wrong. But I know another one of his secrets, so you better back off!

Of course I was kidding.

And your responses...

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