Standing out

I think I've mentioned this before - people suddenly standing out for some reason or another, despite them being there for the longest time. I've had a case of this during the last term, with then nameless, and thus faceless, people simply passing by much earlier, and then suddenly you've got for yourself a case of too many people knwoing you.

Apparently I've gotten used to it, because thanks to circumstances, I'm meeting much more, much sooner - and aside from the initial adjustment, it's not been as shocking as expected.

I'll admit it - it's been starting again since the election campaign. Imagine a conversation over lunch somewhere near Agno with some blockmates, where Jaja mentions Sars as her co-candidate, and I was thinking, "who the heck is she?"

Today, though, I find myself walking the corridors with her again, after she was chatting with some of the BonoSoc about the apparent similarities between Jaja's shirt to that of somebody else's. (Whoever that is, I don't really remember.) We walked away somehow, as I was waiting for English 3 class to start, and we both realized that what we were wearing - I'm in black, she's in orange - reminded us of Halloween. I even did a hand gesture.

To be serious about it, that scene wasn't even imaginable considering the chats we had during the campaign. (It was even necessary. Everyone needs support once in a while.) Then she's become another casualty of my hugs, and me, a casualty of her... how do I call it? That thing she does.

(Wait. What am I unnecessarily implying here?)

Bea's another example. This time I just saw her standing there, her face lighting up that corridor in the middle of the day. There's the jacket she didn't take off, even if it was getting a bit hot - but then again January's always had a tendency to be cold - and then she's my classmate in two classes. She still has this sense of flair that's paired up with some sense of inaccessibility - that high-brow thing - yet my first impressions almost immediately get killed.

Mon's another example - she was just a classmate in Sociology class before. To make things a little bit more interesting, we sat in the same row. All I probably knew of her was that she's a friend of Les', considering that inevitable fallout sequence that's too complicated to mention. Then again, we're bumping into each other, and she's added me as her Multiply contact (if you're curious, we're classmates), and she comes up to me looking for contact lens solution, her eyes partly burning trickery.

Another one of those busted first impressions. Suddenly she sounds sweet.

It's suddenly amazing, you know. If anybody's been worrying about not having friends in college, it's going to be inevitable, anyway. Somehow, circumstance would make something out of anything and - sound effects, anyone? - you've got something. (Duh.) Serendipity formed the BonoSoc, Serendipity formed the party animals. Serendipity wedged me in the middle of these two, and everybody else.

Fixing up bulletin boards, then I met Meg. And then we exchanged hugs before my last class - this time, she offered it.

Abby suddenly has retainers, tricking my eyes enough because it looks like braces designed like barbed wire.

Jan always showing up, and then we exchange accusations of stalking, and later on, hmosexual relationships, the same thing we used to do during PE class.

And then, I suddenly know all of these things, because somebody stood up and went against somebody else's way.

In a few mintues I'll be leaving for the campus, not because of any huge meeting - it's a small one, with my associate Anna, because we've been assigned something recently. To be exact, I got us the job - anyway, it just feels weird that I've got an associate, especially during the first BA meeting when Anna looked at me and said, "so, you're my vice president?"

How far have I gone from the time when I told myself I would have a hard time having friends?

I think I've complained about it too many times twelve months ago. I was going around and really letting myself down, trying my best to earn some sympathy from blockmates, and hopefully some friends. Even Kizia said this somewhere - "but how can [you] make friends with someone, let alone try to help the person, when you don't even know how or where to begin?"

Apparently, it's inevitable.

And your responses...

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